Which Stamp-n-Storage Drawer Cabinet is Right for Me?

Did you know the Stamp-n-Storage Drawer Cabinet is one of our most versatile products? With multiple configurations you can customize the Drawers to organize the craft supplies in your creative space. Regardless if you are a scrapbooker, card-maker, mixed-media artist, or a paper crafter who does it all, the Drawer Cabinet can help you organize your crafts so you can spend more time unleashing your creativity.

What makes the Stamp-n-Storage Drawer Cabinet different from other storage drawers like the Alex Drawer or standard cabinet drawers, is the height, width, and depth of each drawer. Every drawer is designed with paper crafters in mind. Every drawer configuration has a specific purpose that fits the needs of crafters. You will be able to maximize your space, while keeping supplies neatly organized and easily accessible. Having the proper drawer size also helps you avoid creating that miscellaneous drawer you have to dig through to find the right supplies.

If choosing the right Drawer Cabinet seems like a daunting task, we are here to help!

First, take an inventory of the supplies you plan to organize in a drawer. If card-making is your jam, these items might include refill bottles, Nuvo® Crystal Drops, Pops of Color, tools, brushes, wood-mount stamps, mini ink cubes, paper, embellishments, and more.

If Scrapbooking is your thing, you might be looking to organize tools, scissors, border embellishments, photos, paper, stickers, adhesives, and pens.

Here's a handy Craft Inventory Chart (pdf) you can print and use to help take inventory of your supplies. Create your list and be sure to include important information like quantities and dimensions. For example, 50 refill bottles, 12x5" stickers, 25 mini ink cubes, etc.

Now let’s find out which Drawer Cabinet is the best Choice for your supplies:

Drawer Cabinet with Single, Double, and Triple Drawer Options

The Stamp-n-Storage Drawer Cabinet is the most versatile storage solution offering storage for so many different types of crafts! You can even choose which drawer height will work best for your supplies. Now is a great time to take out your Inventory Chart so you can select the right drawer heights.

Supplies that fit inside a Single Drawer:

The Single Drawer is 1" tall and is without sides. This allows you to store 12x12 paper in both the Standard and for IKEA options. This Drawer works excellent for organizing:

  • 12"x12" Specialty Paper
  • Comfort stamp blocks
  • Wood stamps (1-inch in height or less)

  • Misti Stamp Tool (less than 12-inches), Misti Grid Paper, Misti Magnets
  • Stick and Stamp Mats
  • Mini Ink Cubes with our Mini Ink Cube Grid

  • Watercolor paper packs like Arches or pads that are 9"x12."
  • Craft tools in the 6-Slot Tool Accessory Tray (paint brushes, aqua brushes, Pick-n-Stick, pallet knives, colored pencils, writing pens, small rulers, bone folder, etc.)

  • Embellishments in the Crafty Storage Jars with Grid or Accessory Trays and Half Trays
    The Crafty Storage Jars are fantastic for storing clay confetti mixes, glitter drops, and rhinestones. Each jar has a cover keeping your embellishments from mixing up and the handy Grid keeps the jars neatly in order.

    -  Accessory Trays and Half Trays take your embellishment storage to the next level in your Drawer Cabinet. 30 and 60 compartment Accessory Trays are great for storing your beads, brads, buttons, and sequins. The 3, 6, and 9 compartment Half Trays are great for those larger embellishments or your ephemera and die-cut pieces.

NOTE: Two Half Trays will fit in one Single Drawer. You can even add a cover to make them easy to transport to your workstation, or flip the cover around to organize your stickers!

Supplies that fit inside a Double Drawer:

The Double Drawer is 2-3/16" tall with sides. This means it will not fit 12x12 supplies. The Double Drawer is excellent for storing:

Supplies that fit inside a Triple Drawer:

The Triple Drawer is 3-3-8" tall with sides. This Drawer is great for storing:

  • Ink Refill Bottles and Alcohol Ink Bottles (0.5 Fl Oz).

  • Stickles® Glitter Glue
  • Glossy Accents

TIP: Keep your bottles in place by using the 1" Grid Storage System

  • Ink Refill Bottles (1 Fl. Oz) like Close To My Heart reinkers
  • Nuvo Drops & Pops of Color

  • Distress Paint
  • Ranger Mini Ink Blending Tools

TIP: Keep your bottles and blending tool in place by using the 1-1/4" Grid Storage System

  • Small Paper Trimmers and cutting tools
  • Heat Gun
  • Brother or DYMO Label Maker and extra-label cartridges
  • Deco Transfer Gel
  • Washi Tape in the Washi Tape Dispenser (Large) (Consider a Drawer Kit for larger Washi Tape collections)
  • Adhesive boxes like Zots Glue Dots

Organize 6x6 Supplies in the Drawer Cabinet for 6x6

The Drawer Cabinet for 6x6 is a must-have for any avid card-making or paper-crafting enthusiast. With its removable drawers, your supplies will be neatly organized and easy to access whenever you need them. Your beautiful paper and other collections will also be protected from sunlight and dust.

The 6x6 Drawer Cabinet will help you organize the following:

  • 6x6 Specialty Paper
  • 6x6 Stencils (Consider storing your stencils in the 6x6 Paper Sleeves)
  • Wafer Die Cuts using 6x6 Magnet Cards
  • Mixed Media like Ranger Spray Stains, Brutus Monroe Chroma Mist & Aqua Pigment, Stencil Butters
  • Packs of Gem Stickers, foiling sheets like Taylored Expressions Foil Its, and Gina K Designs Poly-Glaze Sheets.

Our 6x6 Paper Sleeves are also fabulous for labeling your die sets, stencils, and paper (store your scraps in the sleeve with your paper theme behind).

The Drawer Cabinet for 6x6 is available as a Short Cabinet with two drawers side-by-side or the Tall Cabinet with four drawers. Each Drawer is 10-1/2" deep, providing ample storage space for your designer series paper, stencils, wafer dies, and Paper Sleeves.

A Cabinet for Scrapbookers & Card-makers: The Card & Photo Drawer Cabinet


The Card & Photo Drawer Cabinet was designed to maximize space while quickly accessing your cards, photos, and other paper crafting supplies.

Scrapbookers: Organization for your Photos

  • The Card & Photo Drawer Cabinet will help you organize your printed photos by date, theme, or scrapbook page. You can manage your ephemera too!
  • The two top drawers allow you to store photos in portrait orientation, while the bottom Drawer keeps your pictures in landscape orientation. Organize your photos by theme, company, style, or occasion with the Card & Photo Dividers.
  • The bottom Drawer of your Card & Photo Drawer Cabinet has removable dividers, so you can easily store other craft supplies like cutting tools, adhesives, washi tape, etc.

Card-makers: Organization for your Handmade Cards

  • The Card & Photo Drawer Cabinet provides storage for card organization that keeps handmade cards protected and ready to use.
  • Organize your cards by theme or holiday.
  • Organize your birthday cards by month using the Card & Photo Dividers. This will help you quickly find the card you need when you need it.
  • The top two drawers enable you to store your portrait cards. The bottom drawer holds your landscape cards.
  • The bottom Drawer of your Card & Photo Drawer Cabinet has removable drawer dividers, so you can easily store other craft supplies like Deco foil tubes, Lunar Paste, a brayer or heat gun, adhesives, washi tape, etc.

Having a good storage system in your craft space is key to maintaining an organized and creative space. The Stamp-n-Storage Drawer Cabinet can help you keep your supplies in order and easily accessible, so you can focus on your creativity.

Stop hunting for supplies and choose Stamp-n-Storage for your craft room organization.