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Steel dies aren't the easiest craft supplies to store. They end up unorganized in your drawers or the pieces from your sets become misplaced. This is why the Stamp-n-Storage Magnet Cards were designed just for you!

These magnet cards are made from strong magnets and laminated to sturdy chipboard with a decorative backing. At the beginning of 2021, Stamp-n-Storage updated the backing with a special coating that allows you to adhere your stamps. Now you can store both your stamps and dies on one Magnet Card!


PLEASE NOTE: Coated backing was added to Magnet Cards at the beginning of 2021. Previous versions with the same backing design were NOT coated. We do not recommend adhering your stamps to previous versions. To confirm whether your cards have the coating, they will have a glossy finish. Magnet Cards prior to 2021 had the same backing design, but a matte finish.

Actual size of Magnet Cards:

5x7: 4-7/8" x 6-3/4"

6x6: 6" x 6"

6x7: 6" x 6-3/4"

9.5x7: 9.5" x 6-3/4"

8.5x11: 8-1/2" x 11"

12x12: 12" x 12"

The thickness of the Magnet Card (without a die) is 1/16"

Magnet Card Strength

Magnet Card Storage

You can store your 5x7 Magnet Cards in a Stamp Cases as seen in our Stamp-n-Die Bundle

5x7 & 6x7 Magnet Cards fit perfectly inside of our Storage Pockets for labeling and the Creative Crate, Acrylic Crate, or Drawer Cabinet for 6x7 for storing. Go one step further and organize by occassion, theme, or brand with the Aqua Crate Dividers.

9.5x7 Magnet Cards fit inside of our Storage Pockets for labeling and the Creative Crate Wide, or Acrylic Crate for storing.

8.5x11 Magnet Cards include three-hole punch for storing in a binder.

6x6, 8.5x11, and 12x12 Magnet Cards fit great in our Paper Sleeves, and you can store them in a Paper Holder or hanging file folder like our Paper Crate. The 6x6 Magnet Cards and Paper Sleeves also fit perfect in the Drawer Cabinet for 6x6.


Reviews (1600)

Donna 09 21 2023

Magnetic Cards

I have been using the 5 ×7 magnetic cards for several years. The dies stay firmly in place which makes for perfect die storage. Just recently bought 2 more packs.

Gretchen Walker 09 12 2023

Magnet sheets

These are so good, my dies stay in place, no more dies falling out of my packs. I love them. Ordered twice as soon as I got the first order I turned around and ordered a second set.

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Additional Info

1.57 LBS
Calculated at Checkout

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