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The Accessory Trays are a great addition to your Drawer Cabinet! The 30 Compartment Embellishment Tray is perfect for storing all your fun embellishments and even has a curved compartment bottom that makes it easy to remove the tiniest pieces. The 6 Slot Tool Tray is sturdy enough to store and organize your tools. The 15 Compartment Deep Tray is great for storing even more embellishments or some of your larger embellishments. What a great way to organize your drawers!

Each tray fits both the 12x12 Drawer Cabinet and the Drawer Cabinet for IKEA®, but they do need to be rotated to fit properly.  See the pictures for more detail.  

The Drawer Cabinet is sold separately. If you don't have a Drawer Cabinet check them out HERE.


30 Compartment Embellishment Tray

11-3/4" wide by 12-7/8" long by 1" deep

30 Compartments are 1-3/4" x 1-1/2"


6 Compartment Tool Tray

11-3/4" wide by 12-7/8" long by 1" deep

6 Compartments are 1-3/8" x 12"


15 Compartment Deep Tray

11-3/4" wide by 12-7/8" long by 2" deep

15 Compartments are 1-3/4" x 3-3/4"


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Terry 07 18 2018


These are great for sorting most of my bits and pieces. Fit nicely into my basic craft drawers. I can stack two of the small ones in a drawer. My embellishments now are separated. Easy to see and access.

Y Collins 05 14 2018

Beautiful Mini Ink Cube Solution

Decided I needed a better storage solution after taking the plunge into expanding my ink collection with mini cubes. One cube fits into each of the 30 compartments. No moreshuffling around, no more tops coming off. I store a color swatch sheet nearby, making this the neatest and most accessible solution for my expanding collection.

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