Crafted Spaces Series 2 takes you on a journey with a honey-do list. You’ll learn how to apply the lessons from the original Crafted Spaces from both the perspective of a beginner crafter and the professional hobbyist.

Michelle Donahe, Marketing Manager for Stamp-n-Storage, is designing her first studio and had a vision to create a rustic and cozy space. With the help of her husband, watch how they transform an empty room into a multi-purpose craft studio.  
Mary Haugen, the inspiration behind Stamp-n-Storage and a long-time paper crafter, was ready for a craft studio update. Mary had a vision to create a space with more neutral color tones and a few changes to increase efficiency. Watch as Brett takes his honey-do list and transforms Mary’s space into a beautiful and functional studio. You won’t want to miss it!

Crafted Spaces - Series 1

An exclusive video series featuring three renovated craft rooms which incorporate
Stamp-n-Storage products into their studio designs. Hear tips and tricks from their owners, and virtually tour these beautiful spaces.

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Crafted Spaces Official Series Trailer


Crafted Spaces Teaser Trailer #3
Meet Mackenzie Fuchs!


Crafted Spaces Teaser Trailer #2
Meet Mary Fish!


Crafted Spaces - Teaser Trailer #1
Meet Keisha!