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Drawer Cabinet Accessory Tray

The Accessory Trays are a great addition to your Drawer Cabinet! The 30 Compartment Embellishment Tray is perfect for storing all your fun embellishments and even has a curved compartment bottom that...
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Slim Ink Pad Holder

$52.75 - $119.75
The Slim Ink Pad Holders are designed for ink pads that are narrower and have compartments that are 2-7/8" wide. Inks from ColorBox®, Memento™, My Favorite Things™, a-muse...
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12x12 Paper Holders

$81.75 - $94.75
Keep your favorite card-stock and paper organized in a Stamp-n-Storage 12x12 Paper Holder. Available in the original 12-Slot and 15-Slot versions. Both versions share the same overall...
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Organizing your Distress and Oxide Ink Pads

Organizing your Distress and Oxide Ink Pads

Organizing one’s space is often inspired with the start of a new year, the changing of a season, moving to a new home or simply because it’s the weekend. Whatever it is that stirs or motivates us, …
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