Card & Photo Drawer Cabinet

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Organize your cards and photos with
Card & Photo Dividers (sold separately).

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Storage for Cards and Photos

The Card & Photo Drawer Cabinet is a dream storage cabinet for both scrapbookers and card makers. Photo organization just got easier because scrapbookers will no longer need to dig through bins and boxes of family photos or photo albums. Card makers will now have a storage solution for card organization that keeps handmade cards protected and ready for use. Say goodbye to storage boxes and card boxes and hello to the Card and Photo Drawer Cabinet!

The Card & Photo Drawer Cabinet was designed to maximize space while keeping your cards and photos easy to access. The two top drawers allow you to store photos and cards in portrait orientation, while the bottom drawers keeps your cards and photos in landscape orientation.

The bottom drawer of your Card & Photo Drawer Cabinet has removable dividers if you decide to use the drawer for more than a photo cabinet by storing other scrapbooking or craft supplies. Each Drawer can be removed so you can take your drawer to your project area. This also makes it easy to organize your drawers.



Standard vs. For IKEA®

It is important to understand the difference between the Standard vs. IKEA option. The IKEA® option is 13" wide. This means the bottom drawer holds your photos a little different in order to fit inside your IKEA® cube. Please refer to the image below.


Label Your Cards & Photos

Another awesome feature of the Card & Photo Drawer Cabinet is that it fits the Card & Photo Dividers (sold separately). Use the dividers to organize your photos and cards by theme, subject, or project. Card and Photo Dividers fit inside the top two drawers (select the portrait orientation) and the bottom drawer (select the landscape orientation). Learn more about Card & Photo Dividers.


 Stamp-n-Storage storage products are made in the USA from quality plywood.

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Not sure which Drawer Cabinet is right for you? Check out "Which Stamp-n-Storage Drawer Cabinet is Right for Me?" to learn more.


Reviews (9)

Sabina Dahl 06 05 2024

Great Organization Tool

Love this drawer set. It can be used for so many things. I am planning on using it for storing retired items I can’t part with yet.

Neda 05 28 2024

Great Ephemera organizer as well

Stamp and storage products are all very well made, I’m using mine to store & organize my paper parts that I either hand cut or die cut, the second drawer I’m thinking to store my blank tags, this cabinet is very versatile if you ask me. Love it, can’t wait to get the 6 by 7 stamp storage. As well

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Additional Info

14.00 LBS
Calculated at Checkout

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