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Chalk Paste & Glitter Holder

$65.75 - $144.75
Do you like to create beautiful home decor pieces with chalk paste and ink? Are you a Chalk Couture(TM) Designer and you have the full set of beautiful Chalkology(TM) Pastes and Inks? Do you love adding texture to your cards with Nuvo® Embellishment...
Grid Caddy

Grid Caddy

Organize your Reffil Bottles and Stickles® Glue with the 1" Grid Caddy Keep your Stickles® Glue and reffill bottles by Gina K Designs, Stampin' Up!, Taylored Expressions, Concord & 9th, and many more, organized in the 1" Grid Caddy. Perfect...
Desk Caddy

Desk Caddy

$26.75 - $32.75
The Desk Caddy Organizer keeps all your tools easy to access on your desk. The different size compartments and swivel base of this caddy for art supplies make it easy to organize a variety of tools from adhesives, glue, scissors, markers, blending...
Craft embellishment tray for craft supplies storage

Drawer Cabinet Accessory Tray

The plastic organizing trays are a great addition to your Drawer Cabinet! The 30 Compartment and 60 Compartment Embellishment Tray is perfect for storing all your fun embellishments and even has a curved compartment bottom that makes it easy to remove...
Drawer Cabinet Half Tray

Drawer Cabinet Half Tray

$2.00 - $6.50
Drawer Cabinet Half Trays are a great addition to your Drawer Cabinet! Two of these trays will fit side by side in the drawers. You can mix and match the size and quantity of compartments.  There is even an optional cover to keep...

Grid Storage System

$16.75 - $21.75
If you are tired of your refill bottles or your Nuvo Crystal Drops sliding around in your drawers, the Grid Storage System is the perfect solution for you. You can now neatly organize bottles (SticklesTM Glue, Nuvo Crystal Drops, Refill Bottles,...

Ribbon Shelf

$56.75 - $131.75
The Ribbon Shelf keeps all your beautiful ribbon neatly displayed and easy to access. Your ribbon will rest on the shelf and magnetic support blocks are included to prevent the spools from tipping over. These blocks attach to a metal strip located...

Ribbon Holder

$41.75 - $83.75
We've got the solution for storing and displaying your growing collection of ribbon. Instead of keeping them hidden away in drawers, use the Ribbon Holder in a place that’s easy to access. The Ribbon Holder can be wall-mounted (hardware...
Washi Tape Dispensers

Washi Tape Dispensers

$2.65 - $9.95
Protect & Organize Washi Tape with Washi Tape Dispensers! Are you tired of struggling to find the right washi tape for your projects? Are your rolls of tape collecting dust, lint, or even pet hair? Washi Tape Dispensers are the perfect organizational...
Crafty Storage Jars

Crafty Storage Jars

$10.75 - $39.75
The Crafty Storage Jars are great for storing your beads, brads, and other embellishments. Each small craft container has a cover so you can quickly grab your embellishments and head to your next craft group outing. You can even store your...