Pinewood Forest is a sustainable hometown that is pedestrian-oriented and environmentally focused. Lew Oliver, the town planner and architect, says, “The whole philosophy is to provide a new town for makers/storytellers.” When Deb and Pete Rector came to Lew to discuss the design of their new home, it was Deb’s request for a craft studio that he first thought was outrageous. “I had never heard of anything like it in my life, that someone would want to spend all this money on a craft room, and entertain in it at the same time,” Lew says. However, as Deb began to explain her paper crafting passion and how she would invite friends over to join in, Lew began to understand Deb’s vision of bringing friends together. He thought her idea was wonderful and wondered why he didn’t see more craft studio requests in homes.

I think its brilliant to be able to entertain and do crafts together, which really bonds people and creates a much more lively social scene, - Lew Oliver

Deb Rector has been a paper crafter for years. She started her hobby as a scrapbooker that evolved into a card maker. When She and her husband Pete were planning their new home, Deb knew she wanted a studio that had space for her supplies and space to share her passion with others. However, Deb didn’t start with a large craft room. Her very first space was crafting on the kitchen table. As she progressed into a new studio, Deb learned how to become better and be more efficient each time.

Another essential aspect of Deb’s studio was to have space for her husband, Pete. After 30 years of marriage, this adorable couple is still best friends and enjoys spending time together. They each have their individual hobbies and activities they share together. Having a space for Pete to relax allowed the two to be able to converse or watch TV together while Deb was crafting.  

The layout of Deb’s craft studio was designed with entertaining in mind. A guest can relax by the fire in the sofa area, get lunch in the studio’s kitchen, or work on projects at the 12x12 u-shaped desk. Creating the space was a long process, and Deb prioritized community and friendship in her studio.

I wanted to create a space that would be difficult to leave, and that people would say I’m ready to move in, I have my bag packed,- Deb Rector

Crafted Spaces Series 3 by Stamp-n-Storage, takes you on a tour of Deb’s studio, and the passion she has for building a bond of community and friendship through her paper crafting hobby. We hope you’ll find ideas you can implement into your own craft space, and it inspires you to build relationships through your craft.

Stamp-n-Storage Products Used in Deb's Studio:

8.5x11 Paper Holder
12x12 Paper Holder
Three-Tier Paper Holder

Ink Pad & Refill Holder (also recommended Distress & Slim Ink Pad & Refill Holder)
Stamp Case Shelf
Stacked Marker Holder