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Are you looking for a versatile craft storage solution? That's why Stamp-n-Storage created the Storage Drawer Cabinet! It will help you with some of your most challenging organization problems.

You'll notice that the Drawer Cabinet has a similar design to the Paper Holder. However, your storage options are endless in a Drawer Cabinet! With 10 drawers and 10 square feet of storage, you can organize your wood mount stamps, paper, ink pads, embellishments, ribbons and more. The Storage Drawer Cabinet is a great option to store paper if fading from bright lighting is a concern.

*Stampabilities stamps are too thick to fit in both sizes of the Drawer Cabinet.

Customize Your Craft Drawers

You can choose Single Height Drawers for your Drawer Cabinet, or customize by choosing a Double Drawer or Triple Drawer. You can add up to two custom drawers when combined with Single Drawers or choose five Double Drawers.

Drawer Configurations
All single height (ten total)
Six single height with two double drawers
Five double height drawers
Three triple height with one single height drawer
One double height, one triple height, and five single height drawers
Two Triple height, and two Double height drawers

Drawer Height & Sides


Products are delivered to you pre-assembled, sanded smooth and display ready!

Made in the USA.

Label Your Drawers

Are you tired of peeling off labels every time you need to move supplies to a different drawer? With the Label Holder you'll be able to quickly make changes without the worry of sticky and torn labels left on your Drawer Cabinet. Simply adhere the clear plastic label holder to your drawer and then slide your label inside the holder. Need to make a change? Slide out the label and replace it with a new one. Learn more about Label Holders.

Organize Drawers with Accessory Trays & Grids


Take organizing your craft space one step further with our Drawer Cabinet Accessory Tray and Drawer Cabinet Half Trays. These trays come in various options to fit your needs. The Half Trays even come with a removable cover that makes it easy to take your tray to your next retreat. The Grid Storage System, Mini Ink Cube Grid, and Blending Brush Drawer Kit are just a few more ways you can organize your Stamp-n-Storage Drawer Cabinet.

Organize your drawers with:

Learn more...

Not sure which Drawer Cabinet is right for you? Check out "Which Stamp-n-Storage Drawer Cabinet is Right for Me?" to learn more.


Reviews (308)

Arlie Moses 05 01 2024

Storage Cabinet

I finally found a compact cabinet that holds hundreds of fountain pens!!! This cabinet is perfect, and it holds up to 380 pens.

Linda Baumann 03 02 2024

Drawer Storage

These are very well made with design and workmanship. I’ve had one which I totally loved; just order a second one. It keeps everything very well organized.

Additional Info

Additional Info

17.00 LBS
Calculated at Checkout
Refer to images for dimensions.

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