We are a creative and innovative company with the desire to provide handcrafted storage for your papercrafting organization needs.


It all started with one man's honey-do list from his wife...

Stamp-n-Storage Founder, Brett Haugen, is a mechanical engineer who enjoys organization and woodworking. His wife, an avid paper crafter, was looking for better ways to organize her supplies. Storage space for her crafting was at a premium, so Brett tried to make her the most space-efficient organizers that he possibly could. Those first products were built in his garage.

Needless to say, his wife's stamping friends who saw these units were very impressed and wanted their craft spaces to be as organized as hers.

In 2009, Brett began building a few of the items based on the designs for his wife's craft room, the very first being the Stamp-n-Storage Ink Pad Holder. He was curious to know if anyone would want to buy them. After a successful run with eBay, he decided there was enough of a demand to keep making these papercrafting storage units. Eventually, a website was created and Stamp-n-Storage became an official business. It remained a small hobby business. Brett found time to build the products and fulfill orders during the hours when he wasn't working at his full-time job.

Fast-forward to 2012 to when things really started to change for this small company. Promotions on Splitcoaststampers really brought in a lot of business, and Brett came to the conclusion that this was no longer a hobby business.  It was  a full-time job (and he already had one of those!). The security of a career in engineering management was set aside for going forward with Stamp-n-Storage.

Since then, the company moved out of the Haugen's two-car garage and into a 2,000 square foot shop. Employees were hired, and production was in full swing! The company re-branded in 2014 and once again, the space for making the products became too crowded. This lead to another re-location in a larger, beautiful, new shop. 

We're VERY thankful that this business has been blessed so richly, and we're thankful for every customer who sends business our way.  None of it would have happened without you, our faithful customers. Thank you for buying our products and providing your valuable feedback. Your comments, encouragement, and ideas help us constantly improve our products and service.

Stay tuned!  We're not slowing down here at Stamp-n-Storage! 

Other important facts to know about us:

Things we like:

  • Craft supplies organized by color, set, and brand
  • Easy accessibility to craft supplies
  • Turning customer's frustration into enthusiasm!
  • Craft storage that works like a system
  • How great Baltic Birch wood smells...especially when all of the products are made in our shop!
  • Craft room make-overs

Things we don't like:

  • Wasted craft room space
  • Craft supplies hidden in drawers
  • Craft room clutter that interferes with creativity
  • Buying multiples of supplies when you know you already own them but can't find them
  • Tangled up ribbon spools
  • Dysfunctional craft storage solutions

Our company values:

  • Customer Happiness
  • Attention to Detail
  • Stewardship
  • Safety

To learn more about our values, click HERE.

Our product vision:

Our products are created with you in mind. 

Stamp-n-Storage is passionate about providing paper crafters with high-quality, space efficient, desktop craft storage and organization solutions which allow them more time to enjoy their hobby.

This is explained in our tagline: Organize your craft. Unleash your creativity!

Watch the video below to learn about how our products will give you more time for creativity!