Favorite Craft Studios Featured in Studio Showcases by Stamp-n-Storage

As we look back on the last 15 years, we can’t do so without thinking about all of the amazing craft spaces and studios submitted for our Studio Showcase highlights. Getting to see your craft spaces inspires us daily because we get to see how Stamp-n-Storage has helped organize your space! 

Here are just a few of our favorite Studio Showcases:

Studio Showcase Winner - June 2012 - Maralee R

Maralee was our very first Studio Showcase Winner back in September of 2012. We have to include her craft studio in our favorites! She has an entire wall full of her craft supplies visible. She even has the wall lit with track lighting to find exactly what she’s looking for!


Studio Showcase Winner - September 2022 - Kristy

Kristy’s Studio was a highlight for us because it might be our only submission with a Murphy bed! This is the epitome of maximizing your craft space and being organized! Her space is super chic.


Studio Showcase Winner - October 2019 - Lauren

Lauren’s craft space is a highlight for sure because it shines with brilliance! It comes complete with a sink, a beautiful chandelier, a toddler play space, and a walkout door to the outside. The amount of natural daylight in her space is incredible and reflects off her glass worktop space.

She has a beautiful array of our products, including our Paper Holders that are designed into her countertops and cabinetry.


Studio Showcase Winner - December 2021 - Kim

This Studio Showcase stands out because it features our Natural Birch products in a Black Kallax® unit. Most of our entries have white units so that makes this one unique. Kim’s craft space is very meticulous and features dozens of our products!


Studio Showcase Winner - April 2021 - Debbie

We love Deb’s Studio because it is so neat and tidy. It shows off a white craft room with several Natural Birch Drawer Cabinets in her IKEA® Kallax unit. A great way to store a LOT of craft supplies in a simple craft room space.


Studio Showcase Winner - October 2014 - Jeanne

Last but not least. Jeanne's Studio was one of our first craft spaces featuring Stamp-n-Storage Cabinets in the IKEA® Kallax unit. Her studio would inspire hundreds of paper crafters to create a similar space that kept their products visible and easy to access! In fact, it would become one of our most popular pins on Pinterest.