How to Store Scrapbooking Supplies

Have you ever looked at all your scrapbooking supplies and wondered, “How am I supposed to organize all of this?” With numerous paper punches or a variety of paper for those scrapbooks, keeping your supplies organized and your craft room free of clutter can be a challenge.

What to do with your punches? How do you organize all of your photos? Where can I keep my scrapbooking paper? Those are the common questions, and Stamp-n-Storage has the answers. Our design team has crafted storage solutions for organizing your scrapbooking supplies by Creative Memories®.

How to Store Paper Punches by Creative Memories®

We love them, but sometimes storing them is just not that easy. They can be bulky, and take up a lot of space, and with an ever-growing collection, how do you keep them all organized? Storing them in a bin or a basket might hold them all, but you can’t see what you have, and you have to dig through your basket to find the right punch.

The Punch Holder for Creative Memories®

The Punch Holder for Creative Memories ® is an excellent solution for keeping all your paper punches visible and well-organized. It is designed to store your shutter or standard punches, border punches, and frame punches all in one place. They come in a Large and Standard size or an IKEA® size to fit inside your Kallax unit.

Punch Holder for CM
Punch Holder for Creative Memories® - Standard

Border Maker System

If you're looking for a storage solution for the total package, The Stamp-n-Storage Border Maker Punch Holder can hold both your Border Maker Cartridges and your Border Maker System all in one place.

Border Maker Punch Holder - Large with Tools

Punch Carousels:

If you are looking for something that takes up less horizontal space but still holds a lot of punches, our Carousels are a perfect option. They hold all your paper punches on a 360-degree base, and with a quick spin, any paper punch is easy to grab. We have two different Carousels designed for Creative Memories® Punches, The CM Punches and Border Punches Carousel and The Border Maker Cartridge Carousel. The Carousels are available un-assembled in natural birch or assembled and painted white.

The CM Punches and Border Punches Carousel:

This Carousel can hold up to 25 punches. You get the best of both worlds with 15 slots for paper punches and 10 for border punches. The border punch slots can be transformed into paper punches with the included spacers.

CM Punches and Border Punches Carousel

The CM Border Maker Cartridges Carousel

This Carousel is designed to hold Creative Memories® Border Maker Cartridges. It holds up to 80 cartridges, keeping them easy to access with a simple spin!

CM Border Maker Cartridges Carousel

How to Store Scrapbooking Paper

Paper Holders

What are paper punches without paper? When it comes to organizing paper, you'll find endless possibilities with Stamp-n-Storage Paper Holders. The 12x12 Paper Holders are available in standard and for IKEA® sizes and come with 12 or 15 slots. The for IKEA® option fits perfectly in the cube of your Kallax unit, and the Standard option is great for sitting on a shelf or your desk. You can even stack your Paper Holders as your collection grows. Already have a massive collection of beautiful paper? The Three-Tier Paper Holder provides a tower of 32 slots, allowing you to use more vertical space in your craft room.

12x12 Paper Holder & Three-Tier Paper Holder

The 12x12 Paper Crate (and Rolling Base)

If you prefer moving your paper from one spot to another, the 12x12 Paper Crate is the perfect option for just that. The Paper Crate stores your paper in 12x12 Hanging File folders and has an optional rolling base. You can even stack your Paper Crates due to its innovative design. Take organization one step further by adding 12x12 Paper Pockets to keep your themes labeled and neatly organized inside your Crate.

Paper Crate
& Paper Crate with Rolling Base

12x12 Paper Pockets

Project Folder Crate for Creative Memories®

Do you already use the Project Folders by Creative Memories®? If so, you are going to love the Project Folder Crate for Creative Memories®. Not only does it store your Project Folders, it even fits up to two of your CM Pod Organizers. Add a Rolling Base to keep your Project Folder Crate portable. Store it on your shelf, under your desk, or set it neatly up against the wall.

Project Folder Crate for Creative Memories

How to Store Your Photos

Card & Photo Drawer Cabinet

Scrapbookers love this cabinet to hold their photos! The Card & Photo Drawer Cabinet minimizes the challenge of digging through boxes or old photo albums to try and find the perfect picture for your next project. The top two drawers allow you to store your photos in portrait orientation, and the bottom drawers in landscape orientation.

Card & Photo Cabinet

If you want to store other supplies in the bottom drawer, the dividers are removable to fit other scrapbooking items. You can even choose between a Standard and for IKEA Kallax size, and natural Birch or painted white.

One of the features of the Card & Photo Cabinet, is the ability to organize your photos with the Card & Photo Dividers. The beautiful aqua dividers fit perfectly in your Cabinet and are an excellent way to label and sort your photos by year, occasion, or theme.

Card & Photo Dividers

Please note that the Card & Photo Drawer Cabinet for IKEA® is 13” wide, which means it holds your photos in a slightly different order. See the image below.

If you have a lot of scrapbooking products, they don’t have to be unorganized. Implement the correct storage solutions for the products that you have. These products are designed to grow as your collection grows. Start small and add on as you add to your collection. Customize your unique craft room using Punch Holders, Paper Holders, Paper Crates, and more.

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