8 Weeks to an Organized Craft Space | Week 3

How did it go setting up your space? Were you able to create a layout that keeps your most-used supplies nearby? Creating a space that fits your specific needs is essential when designing your room. What might work for your friend won't necessarily work for you. Even though you've made a plan, don't be afraid to explore ideas until things feel right for you. As we jump into week 3, remember it's okay to make adjustments.

Challenge 3:
Organize your Paper, Inks, and Markers

This week is one of our favorites because it's all about color! It's time to organize your paper, inks, and markers. You should have a design from week 2 on where you plan to organize each of these supplies. This week we'll focus on how you'll organize each. One of the big questions you'll see in every category is if you should arrange your colors by rainbow order. We've added a color chart to help you if you select this option. Now let's get started!

Organize your Paper

Organizing your paper with all the pretty colors is one of the most fun supplies to take on. You've already mapped out where your paper will go, now let's think about how you plan on organizing all the beautiful colors and patterns. Here are a few questions to ask yourself before organizing your paper:

  • Do I store my paper by color, theme, or pattern?
  • Do I store my paper vertically or horizontally?
  • Is sunlight a concern?
  • Do I have a place for paper scraps?
  • How will I store my 6x6 paper?

Additional resources:

Organize your Inks 

It's time to organize those ink pads. When mapping out your space, where did you put your ink pads? Does it still work? Here are a few additional questions to think about when storing ink pads:

  • Have I purged old/dried ink pads for which I don't have refills?
  • What types of ink pads do I have, and how many?
  • Are my ink pads easily accessible when I'm crafting?
  • Can I quickly see the ink pad color when it's stored?
  • Do I store my ink pads by rainbow color or by name alphabetically?
  • Did I remember to plan a place for my mini ink cubes?

Additional resources:

Organize your Markers

Here are a few tips when organizing your markers:

  • Be sure to purge any dried-out markers. 
  • Do you prefer your markers close by or tucked away?
  • Do you keep your markers with coordinating ink pads or refill bottles?
  • Should your markers be stored horizontally or vertically?

Tip: Take a white piece of paper and test each marker while sorting.

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