What is the best Ink Pad Holder for your space?

Choosing the best Ink Pad Holder can be a daunting task. Not only do you have to look at what your current ink pad collection is, you have to plan for those future colors. Stamp-n-Storage offers a variety of Ink Pad Holders to help organize your inks in a way that is visible and gives you easy access to your supplies! Many options are available from different sizes to fit your space to different ink pad compartments to best utilize every inch. After all, we paper crafters know how important table space is for our projects! Let's take a look at what to consider when purchasing the best Stamp-n-Storage stamp pad holder for your home storage space.

Space Available

The first thing you might examine is the type of home storage space you have for your Ink Pad Holder. Will it fit on your desk? Do you plan to hang it on the wall? Will you store it in your IKEA® Kallax shelving? Stamp-n-Storage offers great options for all these questions.

Wall Mounting

Most Stamp-n-Storage products are available for wall mounting. This is a great option if you don't have desk or shelf space available. It is best to order your product with the wall mounting attached so all you have to do is hang it. Hanging your product is easy, simply follow these instructions.


Table Space

Stamp-n-Storage products were designed to maximize your creative home storage space while enhancing creativity with easy and visible access to your supplies. That's why our Ink Pad Holders display so perfectly on your desk or table regardless if you have an L-shape, space under cabinets, or a standard rectangle desk. Your Stamp-n-Storage Ink Pad Holders will even stack to maximize more space!


Kickstands are also a great option to maximize your table space. It lifts your product 1.5" off your table, giving you extra space to slide your project or other tools underneath your Ink Pad Holder. 


IKEA® Shelving & Other Cube Style Shelves

Our customers love how Stamp-n-Storage products work so well with IKEA®  and other cube-styled shelving. Store the Standard Ink Pad Holder, Combo Holder, Ink Pad & Refill Holder and/or our latest 48 Slim Ink Pad Holder in your IKEA® Kallax shelving for a perfect fit and to showcase your collection.


Types of Inks

What makes the Stamp-n-Storage Ink Pad Holder efficient for your space is the customization of each ink compartment to fit your inks perfectly with no space wasted. The Standard Ink Pad Holder was designed for Stampin' Up!® ink pads while the Petite Ink Pad Holder where designed for the RangerTM Distress collection. Our Slim Ink Pad Holder is a great option for medium sized pads. Take an inventory of the types of inks you have and choose the best Ink Pad Holder that fits those inks to utilize your space.

The Largest Ink Compartment
Standard Ink Pad Holders
, Ink Pad & Refill Holder, Ink Pad & Marker Holder, Combo Holder

These Ink Pad Holders were designed for Stampin' Up ink pads. They fit perfectly with no wasted space. However, you can also store many other brands of inks due to the larger size of the ink compartments. Just note you may have extra space around the pads. Inks that fit include Close To My Heart®, Martha Stewart®, My Favorite ThingsTM, Gina K., Simon Says StampsTM, MementoTM, BrillianceTM, Color Theory®, ColorBox®, and more.



The Medium Ink Compartment
Slim Ink Pad Holder

If you don't have Stampin' Up!® or Martha Stewart® ink pads, the Slim Ink Pad Holder might be a great option for you. It stores a variety of inks like My Favorite ThingsTM, Gina K., Simon Says StampsTM, MementoTM, BrillianceTM, Color Theory®, ColorBox®, and more. The compartments are a bit smaller than the Standard Ink Pad Holder and helps you maximize your space for inks smaller than 0.85″ Tall x 2-7/8″ Wide x 4″ Deep.


The Smallest Ink Compartment
Petite Ink Pad Holder and Distress Combo Holder

Perfect for those Distress®, Marvy®, and papertrey™ ink pads. These Ink Pad Holders have the smallest compartments measuring at 0.85″ Tall x 3-1/4″ Wide x 3″ Deep. They are the perfect way to maximize your home storage space if you have these smaller size ink pads.



Custom Compartments
Ink Pad Holder for CTMH

We even have an Ink Pad Holder designed specifically for Close To My Heart® Ink pads. You can fit your old and new CTMH® inks with the optional spacers available. This Ink Pad Holder also fits ColorBox® ink pads.


Still not sure which Ink Pad Holder will best fit your ink collection? Learn more about Ink Pad Holder Compatibility.


All Together...

Another option that Stamp-n-Storage offers is to store your inks, markers and refills all in one place. That's why the Combo Holder is one of Stamp-n-Storage's most popular product. The larger compartments are sized perfectly for Stampin' Up!® but you can can also fit a wide variety of ink pad brands like Memento™, ColorBox ®, Distress™, and more. If you are all about Distress® Stamp-n-Storage even makes a Distress Combo Holder to keep all your colors together!


...Or Your Daily Essentials

Perhaps you want to keep your colors together but you don't use ink refills often, or you prefer a Marker Holder instead. Stamp-n-Storage offers the Ink Pad & Marker Holder and Ink Pad & Refill Holder so your daily essentials are at your fingertips to keep your creativity flowing.


Planning for Today & the Future

Another option to consider when ordering an Ink Pad Holder is the number of inks in your collection. Organize your pads and discover if you need to purge any old pads. Do you constantly add colors to your collection or are you pretty much set? Stamp-n-Storage offers options to store 12 to 120 ink pads. See below for which sizes are offered in each Ink Pad Holder.

Sizes Available

Standard Ink Pad Holders: 24, 30, 36, 48, 60

Slim Ink Pad Holder: 36, 72, 120

Petite Ink Pad Holder: 12, 24, 48, 60

Combo Holder: 12, 24, 36, 48, 60

Ink Pad & Marker Holder: 12, 24, 36, 48, 60

Ink Pad & Refill Holder: 12, 24, 36, 48, 60

Distress Combo Holder: 12, 24, 36, 48, 60

Ink Pad Holder for CTMH: 15, 30, 45, 60


We hope this helps as you choose your ideal Stamp-n-Storage Ink Pad Holder! It is important to us that you find the best Ink Pad Holder that utilizes your home storage space and unleashes your creativity!

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