Organize your Distress® Ink Pads

Stamp-n-Storage offers a two designs for ink pad holders to organize your Distress® and Oxide ink pads. You can choose to organize just your ink pads, or refill bottles together with your ink pads. What makes Stamp-n-Storage Ink Pad Holders so unique is they are designed to store specific ink pads. This perfect fit means you can maximize your space while keeping your inks organized and at your fingertips. Let's check out ink pad holder options for Distress®.

The Distress® Ink Pad Holder

The Distress® Ink Pad Holder is designed to organize your Distress® and Oxide ink pads. The finger cutout on each slot makes it easy to grab your ink pads when needed and quickly return them after use to stay organized. Due to its depth of 3-1/4" the Distress® Ink Pad Holder takes up a small amount of space on your desk.

The Distress® Ink Pad & Refill Holder

Keep your Distress® and Oxide ink pads and refill bottles together in one place with the Distress® Ink Pad & Refill Holder. You'll never need to go looking for matching refill bottles again.

Regardless of the size of your craft space, Stamp-n-Storage offers various ink pad holders to fit your needs. From multiple sizes and standard or for IKEA® options, you'll be able to organize your craft and unleash your creativity!