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12x12 Paper Holders

$81.75 - $94.75
Keep your favorite card-stock and paper organized in a Stamp-n-Storage 12x12 Craft Paper Holder. Available in the original 12-Slot and 15-Slot versions. Both versions share the same overall cabinet size; the 12-Slot provides larger slots for...

8.5x11 Paper Holders

$73.75 - $85.75
Keep your favorite card-stock and paper organized in a Stamp-n-Storage 8.5X11 Paper Holder. Available in the original 12-Slot and 15-Slot versions. Both versions share the same overall cabinet size; the 12-Slot provides larger slots for...

8.5x11 Max for IKEA

Organize more paper and max your cube based shelving unit with the 8.5x11 Max for IKEA®. You'll have a total of 19 slots to organize your paper all in one unit. Just slide it into your shelf's cube and add your rainbow of colors. You can even flip...
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Paper Holder Add-On for 8.5x11

$43.75 - $46.75
ADD-ONS FOR YOUR 8.5x11 PAPER HOLDER Are you looking for even more paper storage or wanting to maximize your cube's shelving space? The Paper Holder Add-On is the perfect option for you. Do you have an 8.5x11 Paper Holder for IKEA? Max-It with the 8...

Three-Tier Paper Holder

$218.75 - $224.75
Keep your collections of your favorite card-stock and paper organized in our sturdy Stamp-n-Storage 3 Tier Paper Holder. Instead of feeling like you're drowning in a sea of paper, you'll be able to store thousands of sheets of 12x12" or 8.5x11"...

6x6 Paper Holder

$71.75 - $108.75
Organize your 6x6 and origami paper in the 6x6 Paper Storage Holder. With 15 slots, you'll be able to keep your 6x6 paper, 6x6 cardstock, and origami paper neatly organized and easy to access in this origami paper holder. You can choose to store...

5.5x8.5 Paper Holder

$76.75 - $108.75
Do you pre-cut 8.5x11 cardstock in half, so you always have card bases ready to go? If so, you are going to love the 5.5x8.5 Paper Tray Cubby. With three options available, you can neatly organize your 5.5x8.5 sheets in our paper cubby...

Specialty Paper Holders

$67.75 - $132.75
Do you have paper to organize?  Stamp-n-Storage has you covered!  The common paper sizes are available in our popular Paper Holders: 5.5x8.5 Paper 6x6 Paper 8.5x11 Paper 12x12 Paper   Our Specialty Paper Holders are available for...

Paper Crate

$29.75 - $64.75
Stack'em, File'em, and Roll'em with the optional Rolling Base for Paper Crates. The Paper Crates were created for storing your papers in hanging file folders. The design was carefully engineered to make the Paper Crates easy to lift, weighing less than 4...

Paper Crate Cover

Stack'em, File'em, Roll'em and Cover'em with the Paper Crate Lid! Protect your paper and hanging file folders with the Paper Crate Cover, designed to fit on top of your 8.5x11 or 12x12 Paper Crate. Dimensions: 13-3-3/8 x 13-3/8 Please note: The...
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Rolling Base

PLEASE NOTE:  This product is NOT for Paper Crates.   If you want a Rolling Base for your Paper Crate, follow this LINK. Add mobility to your Paper Holders, the Three-Tier Paper Holder or even your Drawer Cabinet! The Stamp-n-Storage Rolling...

Wall Hanging File System

Limited Quantities available Hanging File Folders sold separately. Refer to Combine and Save for a special savings. The Wall Hanging File System is a great option to maximize your space and keep your hanging files visible with easy access. This...
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Paper Sleeve

$11.75 - $20.75
Are you tired of searching for paper scraps? Do you need a better filing system for your DSP paper? Stamp-n-Storage now offers the perfect solution. Our Clear Paper Sleeves are available in 12x12, 8.5x11 and 6x6 sizes. Each clear plastic paper...

Paper Holder Label System

Are you someone who would enjoy having your decorative paper divided by color, pattern, or style? Do you own many different sizes of stencils? Then our Stamp-n-Storage Paper Storage Divider System is what you need!   The Paper Divider Tab...

12x12 Paper Holder Add-On

Do you have a 6x6 Paper Holder for IKEA? Max-It with the 12x12 Paper Holder Add-On. The Paper Holder Add-on is designed to sit next to your 6x6 Paper Holder for IKEA and provide 6 additional paper slots. You can even turn your Paper Holder on it's...
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Paper Holder Mini

$12.75 - $102.00
This small paper organizer is one of our favorite products! Weighing in at 2 ounces and just over 2 inches tall, it's great for storing your 1-3/4" x 1-3/4" paper.  :) The Mini Paper Holder will make a great addition to your craft room as a...