New Size of Paper Holder for the IKEA® Kallax!

Do you love keeping your paper stored in a Stamp-n-Storage  Paper Holder? If so, we have GREAT news! We just released an 8.5x11 Paper Holder for IKEA®

Our  8.5x11 Paper Holders for IKEA® will slide right inside your IKEA® Kallax shelf, along with many of our other products for IKEA®. Or, if you would rather store 12x12 paper, we have our original 12x12 Paper Holder for IKEA® too!

The  Paper Holders for IKEA® fit perfectly inside the Kallax's 13"x13" square opening, and with the 8.5x11 version, you'll have room on the side of your Kallax to store magazines, or various other things too!

Here are a couple of new videos that show how the  8.5x11 Paper Holder for IKEA® could work great in your craft space:

Which type of  Paper Holder for IKEA® would work best for you?