Stacked Marker Holder

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Do your markers need a better home? The shelves of this Marker Holder are at a slight angle so that the markers are facing up towards you. Each compartment can hold three or four markers depending on their sizes. You can also group your markers by color family to make it easier to find just the right shade.

We’ve also designed a Stacked Marker Holder that will perfectly fit inside of the square IKEA® shelving openings like a hand in a glove!


The Stacked Marker Holder is designed to hold the following quantities of markers:

Medium markers such as Stampin' Up!® Blendabilities™ or Copic® Sketch: 120

Larger bodied markers such as Prismacolor®, Spectrum Noir™, Standard Copic®, and more: 90

Copic® marker refill containers: 48


Wondering what size this product is? Refer to images for dimensions.



Reviews (33)

Edi Meadows 06 01 2017

Marker Holder is beautiful

I love the orlganizational pieces I bought from Stamp and Storage. It is wonderful to have all my markers in one place and in such an attractive, well crafted wooden holder. My husband even said those are beautifully made. As my stash grows, so will my Stamp and Storage pieces. I try to always buy American and that was one of the draws of these products, they are made in the USA>

Andrea 05 29 2017

Awesome storage

I ordered 2 of these units at a pop-up sale--without having seen them in person. I realize they are sized for Copic markers, but I wanted them for my new Tombow & Zig Clean Color Real Brush markers. I went back & forth between this and the other marker storage units, but liked this one because it holds so many markers. I just felt it was more bang for my buck. Well, the Tombows & Zigs don't fit perfectly stacked in each compartment (the markers are just too skinny), but I can fit up 5 markers in each slot. I like that I have plenty of room to separate my markers out into ROY G BIV+neutrals order. And, with no more than 5 markers in each compartment, I don't have to sift through all of a color family to find the 1 or 2 markers I want. I created a chart that tells me the marker numbers I have in each compartment, which I laminated and keep on my desk. So whenever I need a marker, I just look on my chart to find out what compartment it's in. I still have to rummage a bit, but only through 5 markers at most! And I have plenty of room with my second unit to grow! I would highly recommend this product.

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