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Are your unmounted and clear mount stamp cases regularly cluttering your desk? Are they lost in your closets and drawers? The Stamp-n-Storage Case Shelf fits right in with our other products and provides space for those stamp cases you use regularly. The Standard Stamp Case Shelf has storage space for 28 stamp cases and ensures that your favorite designs are within reach. There is also additional storage space for embellishment cases or paper punches.You can even order yours with our without a back. (This usually depends on if you want your wall color to show through.)

Stamp-n-Case shelves also work really well for storing your Cricut® Cartridges!



This product has the option of being wall-mounted too!

 Looking for a larger shelf? Check out the Double Stamp Case Shelf.

Wondering what size this product is? Refer to images for dimensions.

Made of Baltic Birch plywood delivered to you pre-assembled, sanded smooth and display ready!





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Sue 07 09 2018

Perfect size

This product is just the right size to hold stamp cases. The cases stick out just enough for easy removal. It makes viewing the cases very easy too. Love it!

GAIL 06 28 2018

Love all my Stamp n Storage items

I have multiple items from this company. I love how clean the lines are, the wood is beautiful. It isn't big and bulky. I love the way it all goes together. I have several of the whole punch shelves that I have mounted to the wall. I just love how nice my Stampin Up whole punches look, and other whole punched too.. It was easy to do and didn't have to wait for someone to help me. I have 3 of the Double stack shelves and just ordered my forth. they sit on a square box organize system. I have them 2 deep and I can easly slide/turn/ swing to the back shelf. they are just awesome. I will I knew about Stamp N Storage when I first started my craft room. Items are a little pricey but they are solid, beautiful and love the way they stack to be the same height with the different configurations. I could of saved a lot of money if I stared with them. I took a friend to a POP UP STORE and she also loves the product now. She bought gifts for her sister, so I am sure she will love the products too. I have had to contact customer service a few times and have had no problem. I missed a 15% off coupon on the back of one of my catalogs because it didn't "stick out", it had expires and wasn't able to use. sad face I have always received updates on my item status. So I know when its going to be shipped and know to watch for it. I just love the stuff. I wish they were closer to SoCal so it wouldn't take so long to get shipped to me. I get so excited when I order something new.

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