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Acrylic Paint Holder

$58.75 - $134.75
Are you tired of digging through boxes or cabinets to find the perfect paint color? With the Acrylic Paint Holder all of your paints will be visible and neatly organized so you'll be able to find...
Marker Stand

Marker Stand

$26.75 - $35.75
Organize your Karin® Brushmarkers, Zig® Clean Color Real Brush markers, or your Close to My Heart® Shimmer Brushes in the Marker Stand. The angled design allows you to find the perfect...
12x12 Paper Holders

12x12 Paper Holders

$93.75 - $123.75
Organize your 12x12 Scrapbooking Paper, Design Paper and Cardstock The 12x12 Paper Holder is the perfect storage solution for 12x12 paper packs, scrapbooking paper storage, and 12x12 paper...
8.5x11 Paper Holders

8.5x11 Paper Holders

$83.75 - $112.75
Organize 8.5x11 Paper and Cardstock in a Storage Organizer for Crafters Keep your favorite cardstock and paper organized in a Stamp-n-Storage 8.5x11 Paper Holder. Each storage cabinet is...
8.5x11 Max for IKEA

8.5x11 Max for IKEA

$118.75 - $133.75
Organize more paper and max your cube based shelving unit with the 8.5x11 Max Paper Holder for IKEA®. You'll have a total of 19 slots to organize your paper all in one unit. Just slide it into...
Three-Tier Paper Holder

Three-Tier Paper Holder

$245.75 - $284.75
Keep your collections of your favorite card-stock and paper organized in our sturdy Stamp-n-Storage Three-Tier Paper Holder. Instead of feeling like you're drowning in a sea of paper, you'll be...
Paper Crate

Paper Crate

$32.75 - $87.75
Stack'em, File'em, and Roll'em with the optional Rolling Base for Paper Crates. The Paper Crates were created for storing your papers in hanging file folders. The design was carefully engineered to...
Paper Crate Cover

Paper Crate Cover

$34.75 - $44.75
Stack'em, File'em, Roll'em and Cover'em with the Paper Crate Lid! Protect your paper and hanging file folders with the Paper Crate Cover, designed to fit on top of your 8.5x11 or 12x12 Paper...
Craft room hanging file folder organization for craft paper, stencils and stickers

12x12 Hanging File Folders

The 12x12 Hanging File Folders are a great way to organize your papers, scraps, stencils, stickers and more. Each box contains 25 white hanging file storage folders and clear plastic tabs and...
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Craft room rolling base for drawer cabinet organization

Rolling Base

PLEASE NOTE:  This product is NOT for Paper Crates.  If you want a Rolling Base for your Paper Crate, follow this LINK.   Add mobility to your Paper Holders, the Three-Tier Paper...
8.5x11 Paper Spacers

8.5x11 Paper Spacers

$8.95 - $10.95
Do you prefer to store your 8.5x11 paper in a 12x12 Craft Paper Holder, but you find it frustrating when the paper slides too far back in the paper compartment. Not only is the paper difficult...

Super Combo Holder

$109.75 - $202.75
Organize your Stampin' Up!® Ink Pads, Refill Bottles, Stampin' Writes and Stampin' Blends all in one place. The Super Combo Holder is the perfect Stampin' Up! storage solution because it was...

Combo Holder

$79.75 - $202.75
Organize your Ink Pads, Refill Bottles and Markers Together in One Storage Unit! The Stamp-n-Store Combo Holder gives you the ability store and organize your Stampin' Up! ink pads, refill bottles,...

Ink Pad & Refill Holder

$75.75 - $198.75
Do you already have a way that you like to store your marker collection? If you do, use one of these for keeping your ink pads and refill bottles together. You'll be able to have them in front of...

Ink Pad & Marker Holder

$62.75 - $149.75
If you don't collect refill bottles or you already have a great way to store yours, you can still keep your ink pads and markers together with the Ink Pad & Marker Holder. You'll have your...
Stamp studio ink pad and refill holders

Half-Height Combo Holder

$124.75 - $159.75
The Combo Half Height Storage Shelf is a great option when you have limited height space or if you want to add to your standard Combo Holder. Your collection of ink pads, markers, and refill...

Stampin' Ink Pad Holder

$55.75 - $114.75
This new Stampin' Up Ink Pad Holder is specifically designed for the thin ink pad design released by Stampin' Up!® in 2018. Your ink pads will be available right at your fingertips. The finger...