How to Organize Your Handmade Cards

At Stamp-n-Storage we love to talk about how to store your card-making supplies, but what about the growing collection of finished cards you accumulate over time? As your collection of homemade cards grows, it's essential to find a storage solution that helps you keep your cards organized and easy to access. After all, what good is a heartfelt creation if it remains hidden and forgotten in a drawer or box?

Gather All of Your Finished Cards

As you begin organizing your handmade cards, the first crucial step is gathering them together. It might involve searching your craft space, especially if you store them in various places. Some of your cards might be in drawers, others in a pile on your crafting table, and a few might even be scattered throughout your home. Take the time to look in every nook and cranny where a card might be hiding. Even if you usually keep your finished cards in one spot, it’s still worthwhile to double-check and ensure none are overlooked. Collecting all your cards in one place lets you know exactly what you have and where it is.

Once you have gathered every card, lay them all out. Make a note of how many cards you have. Do you want to keep all the cards you have made, or are you planning to donate some? If you notice a few cards that have been in your collection for a long time, you may want to donate some to a nursing home, hospital, or another organization that could use them. You can be part of our Bee a Blessing Team, where we collect cards and send them to those in need. Check out our Bee a Blessing Facebook group. Donating some of your handmade cards will create room for new cards in your collection, and many charities appreciate handmade card donations.

Find the Right Storage

Once you gather all your cards, it's time to decide how you want to store them. Here are some of our favorite ways to organize your handmade cards:

Multi-Level Card Holder

The Multi-Level Card Holder is an excellent choice for keeping your cards easily accessible. Its tiered design enhances visibility, allowing you to see each card at a glance, and makes it easy to categorize your cards by occasion, theme, or recipient. This handmade card holder is available in four size options and provides 6-18 compartments for your cards. You can quickly find any card you need for any occasion with the Multi-level Card Holder.

Multi-Level Card Holder - Large

Acrylic Crate - Small

Despite its small size, the Acrylic Crate makes a big impact. It’s the perfect size for standard-sized cards and offers versatile storage options. The crate's 5-5/8" width allows you to store your cards in both landscape and portrait orientations, giving you the flexibility to showcase your creations just the way you like. If you like to store envelopes with your cards, you'll want to choose the portrait orientation. You can label and organize your cards to easily locate the perfect card for a birthday, anniversary, or whatever your next event might be.


Card and Photo Drawer Cabinet

The Card and Photo Drawer Cabinet is another fantastic option, providing ample storage for photos and cards. This cabinet maximizes space while keeping your cards organized and protected. The top two drawers are ideal for storing cards in portrait orientation, while the bottom drawer accommodates landscape-oriented cards. The bottom drawer also features removable dividers, allowing you to store larger supplies if needed. These storage solutions keep your handmade cards well-organized, protected, and easy to find.


Sort Your Cards

Now that you have a designated place to store all your cards, it’s time to organize and sort them. Every card maker has a unique method for sorting cards, but using Card Dividers can be particularly helpful. These dividers fit in a Card & Photo Drawer Cabinet: the portrait orientation fits inside the top two drawers, and the landscape orientation fits in the bottom drawer. The portrait orientation can fit in an Acrylic Crate and a Multi-level Card Holder. Landscape Card Dividers will fit in your Small Acrylic Crate when you cut off the right edge with a paper trimmer.  You can label the Card Dividers to help organize your different cards and easily find what you’re looking for.


Here are a few methods for organizing your finished cards:


  • Sort your cards by occasions such as birthdays, holidays, sympathy, thank you, etc. This way, you can quickly locate a card for any event.


  • Consider sorting your cards by seasons: Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. Place all cards related to each season in their respective category for easy access.


  • If you regularly send cards to specific individuals, create categories for each person. When you make a card with someone special in mind—such as a spouse, child, or friend—you can place it in their category. This way, you’ll have a personalized card ready for them whenever needed.

Using these methods, you can efficiently organize your collection and ensure that every card is easy to find and ready to send.

Send Snail Mail

Now that you’ve dedicated time to creating, storing, organizing, and sorting your cards, it’s time to put all your hard work into action. Send a thoughtful card to someone special and tell them how much they mean to you. Having a designated postage area in your card-making space can streamline this process. Make sure you have envelopes, postage, and addresses available, so you can easily send your handmade cards to those near and dear to you. This small preparation step makes it effortless to share your heartfelt creations whenever the moment strikes.

There is something so special about making a handmade card and sending a special message to a friend or relative. The thought and intentionality that goes into a handmade card is one-of-a-kind. But if you do not have a good way to organize and store cards, then they get lost and never sent. Using a Multi-Level Card Holder, Acrylic Crate, or the Card and Photo Drawer Cabinet keeps all your cards in one spot and ready for any occasion.