Crafted Spaces - Episode 8: Style on Display

This is the fun part of creating your own craft room! Planning the look of the studio is a way to stylishly personalize your space. You have to choose what you want on display and what you want to have hidden away in storage.

A crafter has to decide whether or not they are visual and want to see their stuff or if they want to put it behind doors to stay hidden. Planning your craft room design layout can be so fun as you put together the final touches of the room. This can be anything from choosing the cabinet style, paint colors, hardware, trim, fabrics, and more! All of these craft room decorating ideas add to the personality of a studio. In the end it's all about creating a great finish and style to your craft room. 

Watch Episode 8 of Crafted Spaces for the inside scoop on how to put your style on display in your craft room!

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