Crafted Spaces - Episode 5: What Goes Where

Crafters want to have their supplies right at their fingertips. Where are yours?

In this episode of Crafted Spaces, studio owners, Keisha, Mary, and Mackenzie, share how it's important to figure out how much space you'll need in your studio and ways you could be organizing your craft room supplies.

Stamp-n-Storage has products that will work wonderfully for craft studio storage. Keisha had looked for ages to find pieces that would work for her, and she had an "ah-ha!" moment when she discovered Stamp-n-Storage! Mackenzie found Stamp-n-Storage products by looking on Instagram. She saw that other crafters had posted photos of their organized craft rooms with the Stamp-n-Storage products and she knew that would be the perfect craft supplies organization solution for her to incorporate into her space.

Where did you first hear about Stamp-n-Storage products? Are they helping you with organizing your craft room like they have helped the studio owners in our Crafted Spaces video series? 

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