Crafted Spaces - Episode 4: Prep and Plan

Creating a studio space in your home requires preparation and a plan. In this episode of Crafted Spaces,we hear from our studio owners and their designers as they explain how they were able to bring their studio dreams into completion by following a plan of budgeting their time and money.

Working with a designer can be a helpful way to plan to stay within your means. You have to let the designer know what your budget is so that you have some contingency in the process. You have to present information to your contractors in an organized way so that they know how to set up a craft room in a way you'll work best.

Questions you may ask:
Will I store big items? Will I file away my supplies? Will I have a lot of people in my studio? 

This is all important to know as you plan your craft room renovations. Let the designer help you make the most of your space and stay within the means of your budget.

Not only will you budget your money, but you'll be budgeting your time. A big project like this takes a LOT of time. It's important to give yourself enough time planning, getting the space ready, putting the systems in, and getting the items moved in.

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So, what did you think? Ready to make a plan for your dream studio?

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