Craft Room Inspiration

In our Fall 2015 product catalog, we featured an exclusive story of how Lydia Fiedler, blogger for Understand Blue, reorganized her craft room. Read the story HERE.

Lydia also shared a Periscope that gave more details about her featured article in our catalog. (Click HERE to watch her Periscope video.) We've featured some photos below that show Lydia's Before and After.

Well, you never know who just might be inspired by your creative craft room ideas! LesLee Stone-Rasmus watched Lydia's Periscope video and decided that she wanted to re-do her craft space too! LesLee said, "That article changed my craft room and my sanity."

Here's the craft room inspiration story she sent Lydia. We got permission to share it with all of you. It's a cute story!

Dear Lydia,

I recently watched your video of your room remodel. I found it via your periscope from when you announced you were in an article in a catalog. I sent away for the catalog (stamp and storage I think) and read all about your process.

My hubby asked me what I wanted for Christmas (2015) and I told him I wanted a craft room remodel. He asked me what I wanted that to be. I asked him to watch your video with me to get an understanding of what the process will be to achieve what I want. He did.

So he set up in the dining room a series of tables that I could stack stuff on and under. I got boxes from work and packed up my craft room. He asked me if he could show me some counter tops that he got from a remodel of a restaurant that he did…I said ewww does it have gum underneath? He assured me that it did but he would take care of that problem ( he scraped all the gum off the bottom for me and sanitized them. )

Next we went to Ikea and got some Alex drawers to go underneath my new counter tops which wrap around the room on two walls which are underneath the windows (which in my option are space wasters when it comes to storage.. I mean windows are meant to look out of and hang a beautiful humming bird feeder from. With the leftover from the counter he built me tiny shelves with step ups on them ( kinda like a spice rack ) for my wooden stamps to be displayed instead of in a box.

Then I went through everything. I unpacked each box and brought my precious supplies back in and created a space for each and every thing I wanted to keep and love. I packed up stuff to be sold, given away and threw out a lot of trash.

Thanks to your inspiration I now have a beautiful view of the mountains that I enjoy each morning, along with two wonderfully full humming bird feeders. I sit and am able to do a bible study, make a card… or just sit.

So I want to say thank you for telling your story. I am truly blissfully happy in my room.

Now my hubby just has to figure how to get me out of this beautiful room… that is so well organized. All enamel dots are accounted for… even the one that is stuck to the bottom wheel of my chair to remind me when I roll around to be thankful… for that little irritation is just a minor glitch now ,instead of a major one. So again… thank you for your encouragement and letting me know that it is a process… that takes time (3 weeks of eating in the living room) a patient and understanding family, to end up with something that really suits my needs.

From the bottom of my heart



LesLee Stone- Rasmus

Here are some photos of LesLee's newly organized craft space!