3 Easy Ways to Label Your Paper

Paper is the foundation for every paper crafting project. It becomes our card base, accent colors, and even embellishments. Last week we shared 5 Tips to Organize Your Paper. This week, we are taking it one step further and sharing 3 easy ways on how to label your paper. Read through our label ideas for organizing your papers.

  1. Paper Holder Label System - Cost $9.75
    The Paper Holder Label System is designed to fit inside the Stamp-n-Storage Paper Holders. Each sturdy chipboard extends 5/8” longer than your paper, giving you space to add an included label. This system is an excellent option for labeling solid colors or design paper. You can even use the chipboard as a divider to add more than one design to a slot. If fading from sunlight is a concern for your paper, add the Paper Holder Label System to the top of your stack instead of the bottom.

  2. Paper Sleeves - Cost $12.75-$22.75
    Paper Sleeves are an excellent option for labeling and storing your paper. A pack comes with 15 sleeves. Each sleeve fits inside Stamp-n-Storage Paper Holders, and includes a clear tab for labeling and a finger notch to access your paper quickly. Paper Sleeves are also a great option for storing your scraps with your solid colors and designs. Just add your scraps in the sleeve and slide it on top of your stack of paper. Your scraps are now neatly organized, and you’ve just labeled your color or design.

  3. Hanging File Folders - Cost $19.75-$64.75 with Paper Storage Pockets - Cost $19.75-$25.75
    If you don’t have a dedicated craft space, or you like keeping your paper hidden away, hanging file folders might be a great option. Stamp-n-Storage offers a 12x12 and 8.5x11 Paper Crate. These crates can be stacked in any order and even have an option for a cover. You can neatly organize your paper in hanging file folders by color, theme, or design. The 12x12 Paper Crate even comes with one pack of 12x12 Hanging File Folders.

    To take organizing your hanging file folders one step further, add the Paper Storage Pockets. These handy pockets keep your paper organized (stores up to 15 sheets of cardstock), and prevent your paper from falling out of hanging file folders because of its three closed sides. Paper Storage Pockets are also a great option for organizing your paper scraps.