Storage cases cluttering your desk or drawers?  

These storage shelves will get them under control!

Standard and Double Stamp Case Shelf

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NOTE:  Wall mount option is only available with Back option selected

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Designed to display unmounted stamp holders that match DVD-style cases, this unit is the perfect solution for organizing your stamp collection.
The Standard Stamp Shelf  can store up to 28 unmounted stamp cases (25 are shown in the picture).  The small shelf above can be used to store many of the common accessories or other items you frequently need to use, and your latest creation can be displayed on top!
The Double Stamp Shelf can store over 80 stamp cases, or you can store many other popular items like Big Shot dies and Cricut cartridges.
The Standard Stamp Shelf is the same height as all of our other ink pad and punch holders, and the Double Stamp Shelf is exactly twice as tall as our other products, so either one will fit in right in with them and the whole system will look great together.

Double Stamp Case Shelf with Logo 480

Filled with Logo

Double Stamp Case Shelf Dimensions