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Paper Holder Add-On

$43.75 - $68.75
ADD-ONS FOR YOUR 8.5x11 and 6x6 PAPER HOLDER Are you looking for even more paper storage or wanting to maximize your cube's shelving space? The Paper Holder Add-On is the perfect option for you. Regardless if you have an 8.5x11 or 6x6 Paper Holder for...
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Combo Holder

$49.75 - $168.75
Your collection of ink pads, markers, and refill bottles will be stored together and available right at your fingertips when you organize them in one of our best-selling products. With a Combo Holder, you'll have easy ink pad removal with the finger...
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Ink Pad & Refill Holder

$48.75 - $163.75
Do you already have a way that you like to store your marker collection? If you do, use one of these for keeping your ink pads and refill bottles together. You'll be able to have them in front of you at your work area. (This product has the option...
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Standard Ink Pad Holder

$43.75 - $81.75
UPDATE: If you are looking to store the new 2018 Stampin' Up!® ink pads, please add these Spacers for a correct fit. The Standard Ink Pad Holder stores nearly all of the different brands of ink no matter what size of collection you have. Get your...
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Distress(R) Ink Pad Holder

$40.75 - $79.75
The Distress Ink Pad Holder (formerly known as the Petite Ink Pad Holder) is ideal for Distress®, Marvy®, and papertrey™ ink pads. Your colors are displayed in columns of 12 so you can keep each color family organized together. The...
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Ink Pad Holder for CTMH

$41.75 - $93.75
The Ink Pad Holder for CTMH is specifically designed for Close To My Heart® ink pads. The best part is you can fit both old and new CTMH ink pads with our optional Spacers that prevent the old pads from getting pushed to the back. Your ink pads...
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Marker Nook

$49.75 - $52.75
Are you sick of digging around your drawers for your favorite markers? An angled shelf and five sizable compartments let you easily store any marker in this Holder. This is the best option for the new style of Spectrum Noir™ markers. You can also...
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Stamp Case Shelf

$34.75 - $61.75
Are your unmounted and clear mount stamp cases regularly cluttering your desk? Are they lost in your closets and drawers? The Stamp-n-Storage Case Shelf fits right in with our other products and provides space for those stamp cases you use regularly...
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