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  • Raise up your Stamp-n-Storage units with a Kickstand!
  • See how much added space you could have underneath your Stamp-n-Storage units? A LOT!
  • Kickstand corners and tee
  • Stamp-n-Storage products raised up on Kickstands
  • Desk with Kickstands lifting up Stamp-n-Storage units
  • Kickstands are very practical for every crafting area!
  • Kickstand dimensions
  • Get more space under your Stamp-n-Storage units today when you order Kickstands!
  • 60 Combo Holder raised up on Kickstands

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Product Description

 Let the Stamp-n-Storage Kickstand take your craft storage to a whole new level!

 We know that every square inch of your desktop space is precious to you. That's why the Kickstand is such a great addition to any craft room. 

 Place your cabinets on top of the Kickstand and your work surface will grow nearly 5" deeper. They lift your Stamp-n-Storage cabinets off the desktop by 1-1/2". You'll have plenty of room to slip your trimmer, your project, or other items right underneath. 


What you'll need -

Kickstand Corner: Place these at the end of each row of Stamp-n-Storage cabinets. 


Kickstand Tee: Put one of these in between two neighboring Stamp-n-Storage cabinets.


 How many will I need?

 One Stamp-n-Storage Cabinet = 2 Corners


 Two Stamp-n-Storage Cabinets = 2 Corners, 1 Tee


 Three Stamp-n-Storage Cabinets = 2 Corners, 2 Tees


Special Information:

If you have Stamp-n-Storage cabinets on two separate counters or an L-shaped counter-top, you would count each section separately. In the case of an L-shaped counter-top, the minimum you need is 4Kickstand Corners.

Most Stamp-n-Storage cabinets are strong enough to be supported with only two Kickstand Corners at the ends.

We recommend using one Kickstand Tee in the middle of the large Lock-Down Punch Holder due to its size and weight when it’s fully loaded with supplies.

If you stack the Stamp-n-Storage cabinets, put the widest pieces on the bottom so you'll need as few Kickstands as possible. This will ensure your work surface has the least obstructions possible. For example, if your Marker Holders are on the bottom, you'll need a lot more Kickstand Tees and the spaces will be very narrow.





Product Reviews

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  1. Helps make use of all the desk top space!

    Posted by Robin Gere on 12 14 2016

    I really like how these give me plenty of space to store my stamp scrubber, paper trimmer and works in progress on my desk to just reach for them.

  2. Awesome deal

    Posted by St├ęphanie Tsang on 11 15 2016

    A tiny little thing but makes a big difference. I love being able to hide some things under my nice shelf. Looks better than if they were just lying around.

  3. kickstands

    Posted by Sue B on 10 31 2016

    amazing how these little kickstands add so much space.

  4. Genius!

    Posted by Kathy Treese on 10 26 2016

    I wasn't sure I needed to order these kickstands, but I'm glad I did! The extra space it gives me under my combo holder and punch holder is truly useful and keeps everything looking neat and tidy. I keep my trimmer, envelope maker and Misti there. Very convenient--close at hand, but out of the way. Thank you for thinking about all of the details in your products!

  5. Best thing ever

    Posted by Mary Jo on 10 20 2016

    I'm not sure why have waited so long to order these they are absolutely awesome. I have a good size desk but I also work from home so I'm limited on my stamping accessories but now I have my cutter under all of my sramp pads and I'm able to put my precut card stock under my punches. Wonderful. I've now bought them for all three units I have

  6. More space

    Posted by Unknown on 10 20 2016

    I now have extra space on my desk to put my Stampin Up cleaning pads, scoring boards, etc... gets everything out of drawers.

  7. Great for a little extra storage

    Posted by Rebecca on 10 07 2016

    I had debated ordering Kickstands in the past, but finally decided to see if that extra bit of surface storage would really make much of a difference. I ordered corners and tees, even though technically I didn't need tees. I'm so glad I got both! Great quality, as usual. I have a 120 slot ink pad holder and a 60 slot ink pad and reinker holder. After using a corner on either end, I put a tee in the middle of each. I like how it compartmentalizes the space under my ink holders to help keep what I place under there in its place. My Misti and mini Scor-Pal are both moved out of my main working area when not in use. I also store scratch paper, sponge daubers and "marshmallows" under my ink holders. The Kickstands may not have been a necessity, but they make my work surface more neat and functional.

  8. Great little lifters those Kickstands!

    Posted by Darla Wixcey on 09 28 2016

    Wonderful for adding storage to my workspace!

  9. Love the Kickstands!

    Posted by Angie on 08 26 2016

    I recently purchased Stamp-n-Storage products. The shipping was super fast, and everything has been very well made. LOVE THEM! They are beautiful and have simplified my stamping process, making stamping even more fun. I stacked the Combo and Punch holders on my workspace and then put the kickstands under this stack. The kickstands did allow extra storage space and the whole stack is surprisingly sturdy. When I went to put felt on the bottom of the kickstands, so they wouldn't scratch my table, I was surprised - yup - Stamp-n-Storage had already added the felt! I smile every time I look at my reorganized stamping space!

  10. Amazing little thing

    Posted by Jenny Vercammen on 08 18 2016

    It's amazing how such a little piece of wood can make such a difference! With my storage racks raised on the kickstands, I can keep my Stampin' Scrub, Stampin' Pierce mat, and punchboards all easily accessible on my desktop without wasting valuable stamping space. If you're buying desktop items, I strongly suggest that you add these to your order. You'll love the extra space!

Showing reviews 1-10 of 66 | Next

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