Studio Showcase July: Joyce

Craft spaces come in all sorts of sizes. Some craft areas share space in the dining room, family room, or guest bedroom. Others are large dedicated rooms, or tucked carefully into a closet. No matter the size of your space, organizational solutions can help you stay more efficient so you can spend more time crafting and less time searching for your supplies.

Our latest Studio Showcase focuses on those narrow craft spaces. Joyce's room is a 6.5'x10' space that she has been crafting in for 7 years. When it came to planning out the space, Joyce was careful to choose storage solutions that kept her supplies organized and easy to access from her workstation. Her Lock-Down Punch Holder, Combo Holder, Ribbon Shelf, and Multi-Level Card Holder are set on closet style shelving to maximize wall space. She organizes her paper in a 12x12 Three-Tier Paper Holder, 8.5x11 Three-Tier Paper Holder, 12x12 Paper Holder and 8.5x11 Paper Holder. Her stamps are stored in a cabinet with labels so she can quickly find the stamp set or sentiment she needs for a project. The pictures below show just how much you can fit into a smaller space when you keep your supplies organized.