Organization for Mini Ink Cubes

Wondering what to do with your mini ink cubes? These small, colorful additions to any crafter's collection are perfect for blending, watercolor, and stamping. Despite their size, they offer a range of colors and are easy to grab and go. However, finding an efficient way to store them can be a struggle. Placing them in a drawer often results in them getting shuffled around, setting them in a basket can lead to lids coming off, and leaving them out risks misplacing them. 

At Stamp-n-Storage our goal is to provide storage solutions that maximize your space while keeping supplies visible and easy to access. Here are 4 different solutions for organizing your ink cubes. 

Ink Cube Caddy

The Ink Cube Caddy is a stackable solution that keeps your ink cubes visible and organized. It is one of our most flexible options for storing ink cubes. Place the Caddy on your desk keeping your inks within hands reach, set them on a shelf, or place them in a drawer. The caddy is portable and versatile, making it perfect for keeping your inks organized in one spot or bringing them with you wherever your crafting takes you. You can even choose between various sizes to best fit your craft room's space.

Ink Cube Caddy (24)

Mini Ink Cube Grid

The Mini Ink Cube Grid is a fantastic solution for keeping your mini ink pads organized in a drawer. Designed to fit inside the single drawer of the Stamp-n-Storage Drawer Cabinet, this grid is perfect for those who like to keep their ink cubes neatly organized but don't want to set them on their desk. 

The Ink Cube Grid stores 49 or 56 ink cubes, depending on if you have the standard Drawer Cabinet or the Drawer Cabinet for IKEA.

Mini Ink Cube Grid

Taylored Expressions Simple Storage

The Taylored Expression Simple Storage case is perfect for storing your ink cubes to take on the go. Made of durable plastic, it features a hinged lid and can be secured with two latches. The small size can hold up to 15 mini ink cubes, making it a compact yet impactful option. The large case can hold up to 48 ink cubes.

When it comes to organizing your Simple Storage cases, we've got you covered! You can combine the TE Simple Storage cases with the TE Simple Storage Cabinet and the TE Simple Storage Large Cabinet. Available in various sizes, these cabinets can hold a variety of cases, allowing you to customize the storage to fit your space perfectly. 

TE Simple Storage
& TE Simple Storage Cabinet (Standard 16 Compartments)

Ink Pad Carousels

The Ink Pad Carousel is the perfect solution for storing your ink pads and cubes together! The 72 Ink Pad + Cube Carousel for Slim can hold 72 ink pads (2¾”x4”) and 72 ink cubes (1”x1”) in one IKEA Kallax Cube. The 72 Distress Carousel holds 72 full-sized Distress ink pads and 72 Distress ink cubes.

If you don’t have an IKEA Kallax Cube, don’t worry; the Carousel can sit perfectly on your desk or workstation. The 360-degree base makes it easy to find any color of ink stored in the carousel, making it convenient and functional for paper crafters of any sort.

Ink Pad Carousel Slim
& Ink Pad Carousel for Distress + Cube

Say goodbye to mixed-up and misplaced inks! Ink Cubes are not only adorable but also easily organized with any of these four storage solutions. What storage solution will you use for your ink cubes?