How to Organize with Washi Tape Dispensers

Embellishments are an easy way to take any card or scrapbooking project to the next level. They add extra detail, interest, and color! Embellishments can be a range of things like glitter, beads, stickers, tags, buttons, flowers, and washi tape! You can mix and match all kinds of embellishments to create a unique masterpiece, to give to a friend, or to keep for yourself. Today, we want to focus on washi tape and how you can organize your washi tape collection.

Washi Tape Dispensers

Washi tape is a favorite embellishment for many paper crafters. Its low-tack adhesive makes it a great option for applying to different surfaces without causing damage. Washi tape can be used on cards, as labels, in scrapbooking layouts, and any other way your heart desires. There are endless options for widths, prints, and colors, making it easy to grow your collection fast. However, keeping your washi tape organized can be challenging. Rolls come in various sizes, are difficult to peel back the tape, and can even pick up dust, lint, or your favorite kitty's fur.

The Washi Tape Dispenser is a great organizational solution because it keeps your washi tape organized, protected, and easy to access. The Washi Tape Dispenser is a slim and compact solution, and is available in two different sizes Large (2-⅛” diameter) and Medium (1-⅝” diameter), storing up to ten ½” width rolls and up to twelve ⅜” width rolls.

How to Use Washi Tape Dispensers

  1. Insert your washi tape into the dispenser
  2. Position the end of the tape roll on the edge of the Washi Tape Dispenser
  3. Close the dispenser. 

It's that easy! Washi Tape Dispensers allow easy access to pull out the amount of tape you want whenever needed. You don't even have to open the Dispenser! It keeps your tape free from dust and lint, and no more searching for the end of your tape and trying to peel it up.

Washi Tape Dispenser Features:

  • Compact and easy to use.
  • The perfect option for on-the-go. Whether you're working on a craft project at home, heading to a scrapbooking retreat, or adding a touch of color to your journal while on vacation, you can bring your washi tape collection with you in the Dispenser.
  • Tape is always enclosed inside a container, keeping it protected from dust, lint, and hair
  • Helps maximize your space. You can store up to twelve 3/8" rolls or ten 1/2" in one container.
  • Tape is easy to access due to the dispenser's shelf design. Never worry about searching for the end piece again!

Drawer Cabinet

Tips for Organizing Washi Tape:

  1. To organize your washi tape in a Washi Tape Dispenser, start by sorting through your tape collection and grouping the colors and designs.
  2. Place the tape rolls in the Washi Tape Dispenser. Organize the tape rolls according to color, pattern, or any other method that suits your preference. 
  3. Store in a Drawer Cabinet to keep the dispensers organized and in a central location. You can even choose the Drawer Kit which provides Trays to keep your Dispensers neatly in place in a Drawer.

Washi Tape Dispensers are a great way to store your washi tape collection. It's easy to use, very portable, and keeps your tape collection organized and easy to find. With a Washi Tape Dispenser, you'll be able to quickly, find the perfect tape for your next paper crafting project.

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