August Studio Showcase: Brenda M

Photos of one of the cutest craft rooms that we've ever seen were submitted for our August Studio Showcase contest. We knew right away that it would be a winner!

Before discovering how much she loved Stamp-n-Storage products, our winner, Brenda M, attempted to make her own storage units for her craft room. She told us, "After weeks of wasted time and money (and building storage shelves that didn’t work), I began looking online for vendors who specialized in craft storage and came across Stamp-n-Storage. I immediately purchased the 8.5 x 11 Paper Holders, followed by an Ink Pad Holder and a Standard Stamp Case Shelf. I quickly realized I was ‘hooked’ on their products." This led Brenda and her husband to design a new craft studio which allow her to make the most out of her Stamp-n-Storage purchases. 

See, we told you this craft room was cute! It's very well-organized and we love that. On the left hand side of her desk area, Brenda has a Side-By-Side Marker Holder from Stamp-n-Storage. Next, she has a place to store her Magnet Cards. On the mounted shelf, she has a Standard Ink Pad Holder displayed with some of her favorite ink pads. It looks so nice! How convenient for her to have her well-loved markers and ink pads nearby. 

This is where the crafting fun begins! Brenda is able to sit in this corner area and have so many of her beloved paper crafting tools and supply within close reach. We really love how all of her colorful craft supplies look as accents against the lighter colored cabinets, counter-top, and wall. 

What a fabulous line-up of super star storage units she has displayed in the photo above! From the left, it starts with two (one shown) 8.5x11 Paper Holders, a Slim Ink Pad Holder, a Full Height Storage Shelf, a Standard Stamp Case Shelf, a Ribbon Shelf, a Corner Shelf, a Die Shelf, and a Stickles™ Desk. How awesome is it that everything fits perfectly to the very corner of this counter-top? Now that's what we call maximizing your space for ultimate craft room organization!

Here's a close up of the far right side of Brenda's counter-top. Did you notice that the Stamp Case ShelfRibbon ShelfCorner Shelf, and Die Shelf all are lifted up by Stamp-n-Storage Kickstands? We can see that this gives Brenda quite a bit of extra room underneath all of her storage units. She's able to store various tools in an easy to reach location. 

In this section of her craft room, there is is more room for paper to be stored in her two 12x12 Paper Holders. To the right side, Brenda's Large Lock-Down Punch Holder is wall-mounted above her Mega Stamp Case Shelf. It appears that she even has some space to display some of her handmade cards underneath the Large Lock-Down Punch Holder

Brenda said, "Even though I may have gotten things out of order; that is, purchasing Stamp-n-Storage products, and then, building the room, I am absolutely ‘’bonkers’ over my craft studio, thanks in large part to the Stamp-n-Storage system!" 

Wow! That's so great to hear. We're very excited that Brenda enjoys her craft room so much! Her sign "I Make Me Happy" might be a great summary to explain how she feels every time she spends time creating in the place she loves the most! Happy crafting, Brenda!


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