April Studio Showcase Winner - Esther T

Esther T is our Studio Showcase winner for the month of April. She has been using Stamp-n-Storage products since she started her crafting hobby and has loved the benefits of incorporating them into her studio.

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The vibrant green of Esther's craft room walls makes this room a place of cheerfulness, as well as restfulness. We can just imagine the wonderful times she must spend crafting in this beautiful space!

The contrast of the white cabinetry against the green walls is a nice touch. This creates an airy atmosphere throughout the space. You'll see in the following pictures that Esther even painted her Stamp-n-Storage units to coordinate with the white cabinetry. The room is very streamlined in the entirety of its design.

In the photo above, we see that Esther has placed her Lock-Down Punch Holders next to each other and they rest beside her Die Shelf storage. The Lock-Down Punch Holder on the left has 64 compartments (which is the Large) and the one on the right is the Standard with 40 compartments. Esther keeps her BigZ dies in her Medium sized Die Shelf. 

Look at all of the free desktop space Esther has! Even with a Standard Ink Pad Holder, which stores up to 60 ink pads, she has no problem spreading out her paper crafting supplies to work on her projects at her desk.

Here's a close-up of Esther's 60 compartment Ink Pad Holder from on her desk. We can see that she has all of her stamp pads labeled by name. So organized!

Esther says that she finds her Stamp-n-Storage products to be very space efficient, well-constructed, and they provide a place for her crafting materials to be at her fingertips for ease of access. 

Congratulations, Esther, for designing a functional craft room space that really allows you to unleash your creativity!