8 Weeks to an Organized Craft Space | Week 6

Who is excited to be in week 6 of the 8 Weeks to an Organized Craft Space? Your craft space should be coming together and your supplies neatly organized. This week we will focus on a key to "keeping" your supplies organized...and in their place! 

Challenge 6: Label It! 

This week might seem simple. However, labeling your supplies can take some serious time. First, identify what needs to be labeled (ink pads, drawers, paper, etc.). Next, start labeling! Set aside chunks of time for labeling, so you continue to make progress each day.

Here are a few labeling tips:

  • Avoid a miscellaneous drawer. Have a specific place for everything.
  • Choose one labeling tool to keep your labels consistent in your room. An option that works great with your phone is the NiimBot Label Maker.
  • Choose a readable font. Although those fancy fonts are fun, they aren't always easy to read at a glance. 
  • Make sure your font size is big enough to read and small enough to fit the longest description.
  • Choose labels that are easy to remove and replace. Chalkboard labels can be a fun way to accomplish this.
  • Don't be afraid to color-code your labels. This type of labeling can be a great way to make it easy to identify items. 

Labeling Products from Stamp-n-Storage