Paper Holder for IKEA

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The IKEA® Kallax shelving (formerly Expedit) is an up-and-coming option for craft room storage. We’ve designed a Paper Holder that will perfectly fit inside of the IKEA® shelving openings like a hand in a glove! You’ll have the flexibility to store your paper vertically or horizontally.

The Paper Holder will provide 12 slots that will let you display your collection of cardstock and/or paper. 

The slots are just under 1” tall and store 12”x12” and 8.5”x11” sheets. These can also be removed for storing larger stacks. (The sturdy center slot is not removable.)

If you want to separate your paper by style or color, try our Paper Holder Label System! This works great for stencil storage too. Click here for more details.

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Cindy 01 19 2017

Magnet cards

I love these cards. They sit up straight in the box and are easy to flip through

Liz 01 19 2017

Most Awesome Paper Holder

I love the IKEA Paper Holder - 12 x 12. I cannot wait to get my IKEA shelves - but painting room now - but I love the fact that I can see what color paper I have - quantity and everything at a glance! Construction is well made, excellent. so glad I found you guys!!!!

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Additional Info

Paper for IKEA - 12x12
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