Spacers for Thin SU! Ink Pads

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There are two options for using these spacers:

- Lay them flat (wide edge down), and give your thin SU! ink pads an easier grip (they'll extend outside the cabinet a little further)

- Stand them up (short edge down), and have your thin SU! ink pads flush with your original pads.




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Robin 09 03 2018

Spacers for Thin SU Ink Pads

You're a Genius! I had all my pads organized in my Combo Pad/Refill/Marker organizer & SU changed their design. I didn't want to change my whole system just for the pads!!! Then I realized that you were right on the ball and ready with a solution. Not just a way to keep everything the way I had organized it, but quick & easy! Thanks to these little Spacers, all I had to do was pop them in where I needed the new pads to go and Voila! The new pads fit perfectly and I can pull them in & out as easily as the old pads. Thank you sooooooo much!!! You saved me A LOT of time & money. Now I can continue to work on the rest of my workshop organization! ;>}

Cathy Holtz 08 27 2018

Spacers for Thin SU! Ink Pad

Once I was able (dexterity issues - 9 pieces of metal in my dominant arm) I found the easier to grip - with a bit of the case sticking out of the front of the storage unit, the best for me. Seeing the ink pads in the storage unit is a beautiful sight.

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Spacers for Thin SU! Pads
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