Spacers for Thin SU! Ink Pads

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There are two options for using these spacers:

- Lay them flat (wide edge down), and give your thin SU! ink pads an easier grip (they'll extend outside the cabinet a little further)

- Stand them up (short edge down), and have your thin SU! ink pads flush with your original pads.




Reviews (36)

Y Collins 05 14 2018

Great Solution for New SU Pads

So happy an earth friendly solution was conceived for the new size of SU ink pads. In a throw away consumer culture, it’s refreshing to know a manufacturer created a low cost solution that protects my investment in ink storage. I tried the insert pieces on my demonstrator’s new pads and worked like a charm. All of two seconds to retrofit a slot. I appreciate the thoughtfulness of this simple and elegant solution. Thank you.

Kim Drake 05 12 2018

Ink storage spacers

I have just inserted the spacers into the storage unit and so far they seem to work fine. If need more will buy again.

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Spacers for Thin SU! Pads
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