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A Travel-Ready Craft Case

The Mini Craft-n-Go Case is a portable craft storage solution designed to organize your craft supplies when you are on the go! Its metal surfaces allows you to organize your case in a way that keeps your supplies easily accessible from the moment you open your case. Simply add magnets to your most used supplies and add them to the metal cover. The bottom of your case allows for plenty of room to store extra supplies or a complete collection of mini ink pads.

Included with your Mini Case

  • An all metal UPPER lid allowing for craft supplies to be attached using magnets.
  • (1) custom cut to size removable metal work surface (one side plastic, one side metal)
  • (1) custom cut to size bottom plastic piece that covers the 'secret compartments' on the bottom of the case.
  • (25) magnets 
  • (2) key for latches/locks

Key Features

  • Outside dimensions are 22" x 13" x 8" (9 lbs empty)
  • Inside depth (4.5" on bottom & 1.5" on the top)
  • A hidden compartment under the plastic bottom liner (3 sections 3/4" deep)
  • Large, durable wheels on one end, and rigid, extendable luggage handle to ensure pulling the case is comfortable.
  • Airplane CARRY ON size approved by many airlines. Many airlines measure by linear inches. Our case is only 43 linear inches. Please ALWAYS check with the airline before each trip, as their restrictions often change.

Accessorize Your Case

Check out these accessories for organizng your supplies in the Craft-n-Go Mini:

  • Craft Pouches: Store your adhesives, scissors, glue, and other essentials in a Craft Pouch for easy access.
  • Magnets: Add Magnets to your supplies like Stamp Blocks, Tape Runners, etc.
  • Black Vinyl Backdrop: Display the beautiful colors of your craft supplies with the matte Black Vinyl Backdrop. 
  • Simple Storage Box by Taylored Expression: Keep your supplies neat in your Craft-n-Go Case with Simple Storage Boxes. These boxes are perfect for your mini inks, tools, adhesives, blending brushes, and more!
  • Wall Box: Store larger craft essentials or full-sized Distress Inks in a Wall Box by Best Craft Organizer.
  • Stamp-n-Die Wall Box: Bring your most loved stamps and dies on the road with you when you store them in a Stamp-n-Die Wall Box by Best Craft Organizer.

Craft-n-Go Cases are made in Hutchinson, Minnesota.


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Additional Info

13.00 LBS
Calculated at Checkout

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