What You Need to Know Before Buying Ink Pad Storage

Ink pads add a pop of color and detail to any card, and using different colors and techniques opens up a world of possibilities. To maintain your ink pads in good condition and ensure they are easily accessible, it’s essential to keep them organized.

Organizing your ink pads not only keeps them in good condition but also makes the creative process more enjoyable. Whether you're working on a detailed scrapbook page or crafting a handmade card, having your ink pads neatly arranged and readily accessible allows you to find the color you need quickly.

So, how do you store your Ink pads in the most efficient way?

Take a Look at Your Ink Collection

Before you begin shopping for the best storage option for your ink pads, it is essential to take a look at your current collection. If you are new to paper crafting, you might only have a few ink pads from one or two brands. However, if you have been crafting for years, you likely have an extensive collection with a wide range of colors and brands.

Take stock of how many ink pads you have. Consider if you plan to expand your collection, and note the brands you own. Since ink pad sizes can vary by brand, it is crucial to note these differences. Think about how you use your ink pads and how you want them to be stored.

Distress(R) Ink Pad Holder

Evaluate your current storage solution - is it working for you? Or is it causing more frustration than convenience? Do you have enough storage, or do you need more? Answering these questions will help you understand your storage needs and find the perfect solution for your ink pad collection. When you know what you have, you will be better equipped to choose the best storage options that keep your crafting space organized and efficient.

Shop Storage Solutions

Once you know what you have, you can determine the type of storage needed. If you have a variety of ink pads and prefer a wall-mounted solution, the Standard Ink Pad Holder with a wall mount is a great option. It is a versatile, one-size-fits-all storage solution when you add the optional spacers. If you like storing your ink pads in the IKEA Kallax unit and are devoted to using Tim Holtz Distress® Ink Pads and Minis, the Ink Pad Carousel for Distress Ink Pads and Cubes (72) is the perfect choice because it makes use of the entire cube's space.


For those who want to keep their Stampin' Up!® ink pads, markers, and refills together, the Stamp-n-Storage Super Combo Holder is ideal. It provides space for all your inks, markers, and refills, keeping coordinating colors in one spot and eliminating the need to search different areas of your craft room.

Super Combo Holder - 36

If you need a portable and compact storage solution, the Ink Pad Caddy and Ink Cube Caddy are excellent choices. They come in different sizes to fit various brands of ink. Place them in a drawer, set them on a shelf, or take them on the road—perfect for any crafter.


Whether you use one brand of inks or a variety, our Ink Pad Holders, Carousels, Caddies, and Ink, Markers, & Refill Storage options offer a solution to fit your needs. Explore Stamp-n-Storage products to create a seamless system in your craft room and keep your supplies organized and easily accessible.

Put it all Together

After assessing your collection and shopping for the perfect storage solution, it is time to bring it all together. You placed your order, eagerly tracked your package, and it finally arrived at your front door. As you unbox your beautifully white or natural ink pad storage solution, it is time to arrange it in your space. Whether in your IKEA Kallax, on your desk, or mounted on your wall, find the perfect spot that suits the product you have.

Ink Cube Caddy

Once you have decided where to keep your ink pad holder, carousel, or caddy, you can start organizing your inks. Many crafters enjoy arranging their inks in rainbow order, keeping similar shades close together to create a visually pleasing and functional storage unit. If you have multiple brands in one ink pad holder and are using the Standard Ink Pad Holder, consider grouping the same brands and sorting by color within the brands.

Ink Pad Carousel - For Slim

Ultimately, you decide what works best for you and your crafting style. Choose the ink pad storage solution that best suits your current collection and future needs. Each product is designed to grow with your collection and fit together seamlessly to create a complete storage system. Enjoy the process of setting up your new storage solution and transforming your craft space into an organized haven!