We've moved - And we love our new location!!

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It's only been two years since Stamp-n-Storage moved out of Brett's 600 sq ft garage into what was then a VAST 2000 sq ft shop.  

There was room to spare.  He was asking himself, "What will I do with all this space??!!"

It started filling up quickly, and in the fall of 2012 the production area was taking shape.  

Fast forward two years. Things have been re-arranged a couple of times and it's no longer just Brett working in the shop; there are now five other full-time employees that are sharing the space. The space is FULL.  

Two people were sharing the only office. The bathroom held the fridge and microwave. The shipping room was packed to the roof with no room to add new products. It was time to move and find a new home for Stamp-n-Storage.  

There weren't many options available that were a good fit for us and our first choice fell through at the last minute.  But we found a space that was a diamond in the rough.  (Yes, all the lights ARE on...)  This is how it looked in early August.

It has been a BUSY two months for us and for the contractors.  New lights were installed, and construction began on the offices (the space under the duct work and behind the two big green sliding doors became the offices).

The space was completely cleaned out to prepare for the floor coating.  

In the picture above the offices have been roughed in.  The day after these pictures were taken, work began on the floor.  It really transformed the space!

It was starting to come together!  MUCH more work was done, and the move-in date arrived.  The last two weeks have been insanely busy with final details and getting the shop set up and running, but we've made it.  

An inventory room and mezzanine was added to the far end of the shop (background for the above picture).  This lets us keep all your goodies out of the dust!  And the mezzanine space above is our break area - the fridge and microwave came out of the bathroom!

The transformation from a dark storage warehouse to a bright and lively workshop is complete, and the new offices are great.  It's nearly 8,000 square feet of space, and we're ready to grow some more!

Before and after pictures below show the transformation from the two ends of the space:

Here we all are with our first product built in the new space.  From the left:  Jackson, Pete, Bryan, Julie, Leo and Brett.

We're loving it here.  We each have our own area to work, and there's ROOM to spread out.

Now ... what are we going to do with all this space?