Studio Showcase Winner – March 2013 - Helga K

The Studio Showcase winner for March is Helga K!

(Interested in being considered to win $50 like Helga? There are two ways to win! Check it out whether you’re new to Stamp-n-Storage or already a customer.)

Because her studio was chosen, she received a $50 refund. That’s $50 easy cash!

Helga has established a very nice and efficient work area for herself! The shelves for her stamp cases are a really great idea. Here’s what Helga had to say in her note:

I have my own little room to do my paper crafts, and thanks to your lock down punch holder and the fabulous 60 combo holder, I am finally on my way to organization. I love all your products, and I am very impressed with the high quality and workmanship. I know that my next purchase from Stamp-n-Storage will be ribbon holders. I need to get my ribbon organized!

Thank you so much for making these amazing storage products.


Helga Katrichak

She is using two of Stamp-n-Storage’s most popular products:

60 Combo Holder

Lock Down Punch Holder

One of the reasons people like our combo holders is that it becomes quickly obvious what additional markers, refills or ink pads are needed to complete the collection. Helga made a good choice buying the 60 combo holder so there’s room to grow!