Spring Cleaning - Organize a Craft Space in 5 Days

It's spring and in Minnesota that means we recently had 15+ inches of snow on the ground! To get us in the spring mood we've decided to do a little clean up in our office space that gets used to display Stamp-n-Storage products. The area has been torn apart the last few months while we've been on the road. We thought this would be a great time to set it up again and walk through the process of a little spring cleaning and reorganizing our craft space.

Over the next 5 days we'll set up a 10'x5' space that keeps all of your most important products in front of you to maximize efficiency and creativity! Each day we'll focus on different areas and offer some fun tips and tricks on organizing your craft space we've learned along the way. Lets get started!

Day 1: Getting Ready

Everything in our space has been moved into categories so we can see what we have. In fact, many craft rooms start with your products in boxes and bins, or supplies hidden away in cabinets and closets. Who can relate to these photos?


Today we are creating a clean slate! This is important so you can take an inventory of what you have, organize it by categories, decide what to purge, and create a plan for what type of organization solutions you need. We've take all of our products and set them aside, dividing our supplies into the following categories:

  • Ink Pads
  • Markers
  • Punches
  • Embellishments
  • Paper

Let's take a look at our space with everything cleared out!

Pretty blah so far! Our craft space starts with products from IKEA®*, which we love at Stamp-n-Storage. The quality and durability is perfect for any crafter, and they come at a great price. We have two Kallax shelves , two Alex drawers and the Linnmon tabletop. The Linnmon offers an awesome table space of 78-3/4" long and 23-5/8" deep. That's just over 6' of workspace! However, if this is longer then you prefer, there are a variety of table lengths available.

Now that we've cleared out our space, we are ready for tomorrow's next step for Organizing a Craft Space in 5 Days!

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