Product Review - Selma's Stamping Corner: Combo Holder, Marker Holders - February 2014

Selma's Stamping Corner wrote a review looking at our combo holder and our marker holders! Here is an excerpt of what she had to say: 

I am so pleased with a purchase that I have to share it with you. I discovered a company that has a large variety of storage units for craft items, and wanted to show you the first of my collection. The company I am talking about is "Stamp-n-Storage".

I love to have everything right at my fingertips when I am working on my projects. This is a picture of where I sit to create. I have a collection of all the Distress Inks, markers and refills. I had them stored in separate areas prior to getting this storage unit. It is so convenient to have pad, marker and refill right next to each other. I labeled each pad with the name on the end. I also like to see the true color as it will show on card stock, so I also die cut some small butterflies and colored one with the marker and attached it next to the name on the label. The caps on the pens sometimes don't show the exact color as it will be on my card stock. One other thing I did was alphabetize the colors (within each color group) so it would be easy to replace them when I have a lot of colors out. I love that the storage is a flat unit so I can see my inks at a glance. I really love this organization!

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