Product Review - Going Grey Blog: Theresa's! - Washi Tape Holder and Shelves - January 2013

Going Grey Blog is written from the perspective of a dog! In the review the dog is watching its owners organize the craft room! There is a review of our washi tape holder and ink pad holder, 

Here is an excerpt:

So Boss and Big One have been putting shelves and organizers in the scraproom of Boss. And Boss is super duper extra excited that the washi tape holder and this new organizer of the ink things are now ON THE WALL. I am not that excited about it, but that is how Boss is talking about it. She gets louder and happier when she says ON THE WALL and then I come out from under the bed because I think she is talking to me but she is not. She is only very excited about the holder things that she got from Stamp-n-Storage. She is now going on and on and on about actually being super happy that the Stamp-n-Storage place is near here and she can go there and see all the cool power tools working and making more stuff that she needs and that they can hang ON THE WALL.

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