Paper Efficiency: 5 Steps to Get the Most Out of Every Sheet

In today's world of cardmaking and scrapbooking, fully utilizing every sheet of paper is essential for getting the most value out of your supplies. One of the most efficient ways to manage your paper usage is by organizing and utilizing scraps effectively. Follow these five steps to master paper efficiency using a Stamp-n-Storage Paper Holder and Paper Sleeves.

1. Create a Paper Rainbow

The first step towards paper efficiency is organizing your paper stash. Begin by sorting your cardstock into a rainbow of colors. Rainbows aren’t just something you find in the sky or your bag of Skittles; it’s also something you can see in your craft space. This visual arrangement looks appealing and makes it easier to find the exact shade you need quickly. Use a Stamp-n-Storage Paper Holder to keep your organized sheets neatly stored and easily accessible.

The Paper Holder is available in 12-slot or 15-slot versions, standard or for the IKEA Kallax, and in natural Birch or painted white. The 15-slot holds approximately 50 sheets of cardstock in each slot, and the 12-slot holds approximately 75 sheets. Stamp-n-Storage Paper Holders are available in 12x12, 8.5x11 (8.5x11 Max for IKEA shown below), and 6x6 sizes.

Tip: If your paper holders are stacked side-by-side, store your Paper Holder on its side. The paper is vertical, creating a beautiful rainbow effect in your space.

2. Add Labels!

Once your main sheets are organized, the next step is to prepare your Paper Sleeves. Label each sleeve with the corresponding cardstock color. This step is crucial for maintaining an organized system where you can immediately identify the right sleeve for each full-sheet and scrap of paper. Clear, consistent labeling ensures that you won't waste time searching for specific colors.

TIP: If you are looking for a colorful way to label, consider placing a piece of the colored cardstock on the tab. This will add a visual clue to what is inside.

Paper Sleeves come in 12x12, 8.5x11, and 6x6 sizes, each pack includes 15 clear Paper Sleeves with tabs and a finger notch. The tabs are staggered so you can see your labels when stored in a Paper Holder. Two sides are open for easily sliding paper in and out of the plastic paper covers.

3. Don’t Toss Those Scraps

Whenever you finish a project or have leftover pieces of cardstock, don't let them go to waste. Place these scraps in the appropriately labeled paper sleeve. This practice helps in accumulating and organizing scraps of various sizes and shapes. By keeping your scraps in designated sleeves, you'll be able to use these pieces efficiently in future projects without rummaging through a pile of disorganized paper bits.

TIP: Keep anything smaller than a full sheet of paper in a Paper Sleeve. This is a great way to stay organized and keep scraps easy to find. You can even choose to store your pre-cut card bases in a Paper Sleeve!

With two sides that open on a Paper Sleeve, it is easy to fit all the odd-sized paper scrap sizes you might have. The extra layer of protection they provide will keep paper scraps safe from getting lost or damaged. The thumb notch cut-out creates an easy way to open the sleeve and grab what’s inside.

4. Place your Paper Sleeves in your Paper Holder

Now that your scraps are securely in their labeled Paper Sleeves, integrate these sleeves back into your main storage system. Place each paper sleeve in the corresponding color slot in your Stamp-n-Storage Paper Holder. This step ensures that all your paper, both full sheets and scraps, are stored together. Having everything in one place simplifies your crafting process and makes it easy to access what you need.

Tip: Make sure your Paper Sleeve is inserted into the Paper Holder with the opening on top. This will prevent your paper from falling out.

5. Check your Scraps First!

The final and perhaps most important step in maximizing your paper efficiency is to always check your scraps before cutting a new piece of cardstock. Taking a moment to look at your paper scraps will save you from cutting into a fresh piece of cardstock and unnecessarily growing your scrap collection. This practice not only saves paper but also reduces waste and helps you get the most out of every sheet.

Organizing your paper by color, labeling your sleeves, storing your scraps properly, and checking them before cutting new sheets will significantly improve your paper efficiency.

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