How to Keep Your Embossing Folders Organized

One of the most fun and easy ways to create stunning backgrounds for your cards is by using embossing folders. Embossing folders can transform plain cardstock into a textured masterpiece, featuring everything from intricate floral designs to bold patterns. They are a must-have in every Crafter's toolkit, they offer a simple method to add dimension and interest to your projects.

So, how do embossing folders work? You first place cardstock in an embossing folder, making an embossing sandwich. It then is run through a manual or electric machine, creating a raised texture on your cardstock. It is a straightforward technique that creates professional-looking results every time.

If you are an avid crafter with a growing collection of embossing folders, you might wonder how to store and organize them effectively. Keeping your embossing folders neatly organized saves space, and makes it easy to find the perfect design for your next project. Here are some tips to help you keep your embossing folders organized:

6x6 Paper Sleeves

Paper Sleeves offer a versatile and efficient way to organize various crafting supplies. While many crafters primarily use these 6x6 clear sleeves for storing paper, their functionality extends far beyond that. One practical and often overlooked use of the Paper Sleeves is for storing embossing folders.


Imagine never having to dig through a pile of embossing folders again. With paper sleeves, you can keep all your embossing folders neatly organized and easily accessible. Each sleeve features a convenient tab at the top, perfect for labeling the contents. Whether you use a label maker or write with a permanent marker, labeling the tabs ensures you can quickly find the embossing folder you are looking for.

The design of these sleeves is another feature that makes them ideal for storing embossing folders. Both sides of the sleeve open, making it easy to insert and remove your embossing folders. Each pack of Paper Sleeves comes with 15 individual sleeves, providing ample storage to cover your entire collection of embossing folders.


Tip: Emboss a piece of cardstock and slide it in front of your embossing folder in the Paper Sleeve. Not only does this add a bit of color to your sleeve, but it will help you quickly identify the embossed design.

Acrylic Crate

If you are looking for a stylish and practical way to store your embossing folders, the Large Acrylic Crate is perfect for you. These clear craft storage bins are incredibly versatile, fitting perfectly on your desk, inside a cabinet, or within the cubes of your IKEA® Kallax unit.

One of the features of the Acrylic Crate is its transparency, allowing you to easily see the contents at a glance, making it simple to find what you need without rummaging through multiple containers. As a result, this saves you time and effort.

The crate fits the 6x6 Paper Sleeves perfectly. This means you can neatly organize your embossing folders, ensuring they stay protected and in perfect condition. To keep them organized in the crate, consider organizing by brand, themes, or seasons, whichever system works best for the embossing folders in your collection.

Another fantastic feature of the Large Acrylic Crate is its portability. With two sturdy handles, you can move the crate from one spot to another, whether rearranging your craft room or taking your supplies to a crafting event.

The Drawer Cabinet for 6x6

The Drawer Cabinet for 6x6 is another ideal choice for organizing your embossing folders and other 6x6 supplies. It was designed to keep all your 6x6 items neatly arranged. This cabinet is essential for any card-making or paper-crafting enthusiast.

The Drawer Cabinet for 6x6 features removable drawers that make it easy to access your supplies whenever needed. It comes in two configurations: the Short Cabinet with two drawers and the Tall Cabinet with four drawers. Each drawer is 10-1/2" deep, offering plenty of space for your 6x6 embossing folders.


Available in natural wood or painted white, the Drawer Cabinet for 6x6 will seamlessly blend into any craft space. Its stylish and functional design ensures your craft room remains organized and aesthetically pleasing. For added convenience, you can stack multiple Drawer Cabinets and even add a rolling base, transforming it into a mobile storage piece that can move around as needed.

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