Do you need Operation Organization?

Over the next few weeks, we'll be sharing some professional organizing tips on how to clean up your craft room and even other spaces within your home. We'll focus on how clutter is the thief of creativity.

"We know that creativity is on the other side of the clutter. When crafters feel organized, they are able to become more creative," said Carly Koeberl, Marketing Manager of Stamp-n-Storage.

Lori from Splitcoast Stampers had this to say about arts and crafts organization. "Keeping your supplies within reach and organized can often be tricky and messy."

However, here are some of the benefits of managing a simplified and organized home and life:

  1. To easily find things when you need them,
  2. To be a good steward with your time.
  3. To have a general sense of peace and calm.
  4. To view your homes as a haven of rest that you enjoy living in and opening up to others. (Even our craft rooms!)

Some of the research we've done for us to share our professional organizing tips and tricks with you, has included reading the books "The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up" by Marie Kondo and "Clutter Free" by Kathi Lipp. (See below)

Both are wonderful and helpful books. They have given us a fresh perspective on why we keep the things we keep. This is applicable to why we hang onto knickknacks in our homes, as well as why we have more craft supplies than we know how to keep organized. We can't wait to share more about Operation Organization with you!


Stay tuned for the start of our Operation Organization series as we help paper crafters organize their craft and unleash their creativity!