Create an Organized & Efficient Craft Space: Tip One

Tip One: Label Your Inks Pads

Label your ink pads with not only the name of the color but also with the actual color so you can quickly see the shade. 


Unlabeled ink pads can lead to frustration and inefficiency as you spend time searching for the right color. Labeling your ink pads increases efficiency by making it easy to find the exact color you need, streamlining your crafting process.


  • Use a label maker or print off labels. Ensure the width and height is correct.
  • Ink the label with the ink pad’s color using a small blending brush for a perfect color match.

  • Alternatively, use the manufacturer's labels for convenience. Note that printer colors may vary slightly.

Label Links:

Extra Tip

Store your ink pads in a Stamp-n-Storage Ink Pad Holder to keep your inks visible and always easy to access. You'll also love the rainbow of color with your beautifully labeled ink pads.