​ 5 Tips for Organizing After Crafting

Do you feel overwhelmed by your supplies after crafting? Are your ink pads, punches and papers scattered across your desk space? Does the very idea of organizing your desk at the end of your creative time feel daunting? The creativity juices were flowing, but now that feeling of chaos set in! Here's a few craft organizing tips to help manage being overwhelmed.


It sounds simple yet we often forget to slow down and breathe! Remember to go easy on yourself. We all have moments of feeling unorganized, it's normal. It's Okay!

Prioritize based on impact

Another craft organizing tip is to not get lost in the clutter. Start with one product or supply at a time. Ask yourself which product/supply will make the most impact when organized. If a large portion of your desk is covered with ink pads, start there! If you have piles of paper, sort and declutter those first in your craft room.


Creative people are inspired and moved by their imagination. We often find ourselves working on one project and then move on to another because the first project inspired an idea! It's one of the things we love about creative people. It's so easy to start organizing paper and...oh look at this beautiful design and how well it works with these embellishments...and we are off to another project. Stay focused when you are organizing. Of course, if the paper and embellishments "really" make a beautiful piece we fully support unleashing your creativity! ;-)

Time Management

Allow enough time to declutter your craft room after each project or time spent creating.

Create a System

As crafters we tend to have a lot of products and supplies. Having a reliable system to stay organized is key to productivity and efficiency. Find a storage solution that works for you. 

Stamp-n-Storage offers storage that maximizes your space and provides visible and quick access to products making it easy to stay organized while crafting.