8.5x11 Magnet Cards

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Steel dies aren't the easiest craft supplies to store and protect. They end up unorganized in your drawers or the pieces from your sets become misplaced. This is especially true for your large dies, which can also become bent or damaged.  That's why the Stamp-n-Storage Magnet Cards were designed just for you!

They are made from strong magnet material and laminated to sturdy chipboard. Each pack comes with 5 Magnet Cards and you’ll also get self-adhesive labels for identifying the sets stored on each card.

Actual size: 8-1/2" x 11"
The thickness of the Magnet Card (without a die) is 1/16"

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NOTE:  8.5x11 Magnet Cards will NOT fit in our Wafer Die Totes.





Reviews (8)

Debbie 09 12 2017

Why did I wait so long to purchase MAGNET CARDS?

1st, place your order for these magnet cards, then read through the reviews. I have no clue why I waited so long to buy these. The company pays your shipping on the magnet cards! Who does that? It's a great bonus!!! (and once you place your order, the magnet cards arrive very quickly) These cards are SO sturdy and hold the dies great! The magnet cards make it super easy to USE YOUR DIES ALL THE TIME. The cards enable you to keep the dies right at your fingertips, so to speak This storage for all your dies is SO NEAT and SO SIMPLE! I had no idea how many dies would fit on a card and how I would want to store my dies-I started out with 2 different sizes. I have quite a few sets of SU dies. My choice of the 8.5 x 11 and 6 x 7 magnet cards worked very good for me. All the dies are on cards and I have a few to spare-ready for my next die purchase. I have laid my magnet cards in a drawer in my craft/art room. So far, this is working out great-just open the drawer and whala! so very easy to grab the die I want, use it, put it back where it belongs simply...grab another and paper craft all day and night Since this purchase, I have used my dies so often-whereas before I rarely used them-too much hassle. I can not say enough great things about these magnet cards. Go purchase a set or 2 to get started-You can not choose a wrong size, you will love these strong, sturdy magnet cards. I can NOT imagine my art/craft room w/o these...why did wait so long? THANK YOU FOR THESE CARDS!

Linda 05 19 2017

Finally under control and useful!

Love this product. I had so many dies and had them in several art bin totes. These got very heavy and I would have to take out 2 or more and lift each magnetic layer looking for what I wanted. I ended up not using them. Now these are all on my desk standing up in a bin on these great strong, sturdy cards that I can flip through and look at and find in seconds and just take the cards I need to a crop. I am expecting to get a lot more use out of all the lovely dies I have now that I can easily see them. Thank you stamp n storage!.

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